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Author Topic: Dot 1.x  (Read 2245 times)


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Dot 1.x
« on: August 13, 2016, 12:11:47 AM »
Hi,  I think Nedi will benefit if it can detect dot.1x ports..   
I have handled this need by using the Poe field in def-file,  in the def-field for Poe I have used a oid that detects dot.1x  instead of POE value.

But that isnt a long term solution since I like to have the POE value also,  I propose for a new field in def-file that detects dot.1x

Using a PHP report system called Reportico I produce alot reports every month and one of them is a "dot.1x report"

Device   Interface   Vlan   Alias                                   Cdp Info                       Dot1x   Enabled   Port Status[/b]
Device 1   Gi1/0/1   337   XX accessport                                                  No   Enabled Active
Device 1   Fa0/23   2   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled - Not active
Device 1   Fa0/24   2   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled - Not active
Device 1   Gi0/1   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW2   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/2       No   Enabled Active
Device 1   Gi0/2   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW4   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/1       No   Enabled Active
Device 2   Gi1/0/1   337   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled Active
Device 2   Fa0/23   2   XX accessport                                                  No   Disabled
Device 2   Fa0/24   2   XX accessport                                                  No   Disabled
Device 2   Gi0/1   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW2   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/2       No   Enabled Active
Device 2   Gi0/2   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW4   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/1       No   Enabled Active

It looks much better in Reportico :)


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Re: Dot 1.x
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2016, 01:12:43 PM »
I am working on a commerical security solution with a partner. It'll be called "NeDi Enterprise" and actually manages port authentication. I'm using an extension in Device Status to display (and configure) port authentication of a device (ProCurve only, so far).

I might at a OID (or general port-auth property) as you suggested. Which OID are you using?
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Re: Dot 1.x
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2016, 03:50:10 PM », if you get 4(four) as returnvalue then Dot.1x is enabled on that port