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Author Topic: Nedi integration with Observium?  (Read 3824 times)


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Nedi integration with Observium?
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:24:15 AM »
As a 10-year user of Nedi, I have loved the amazing features that we get for free.  These include:

  • automated discovery of network devices by crawling the CDP/LLDP network
  • sending bulk commands to devices
  • backing up device configs
  • automatic network maps
  • inventory reporting (models, software, port utilization)
  • IPAM (networks, IPs, routes being used)
  • email alerts on high CPU, low memory, config changes
  • real-time traffic graphs on swithports
  • tracking computers (nodes) by DNS, IP address, MAC address, vendor, open ports (NMAP)

One area that Nedi has not been successful for us is monitoring interfaces on a short time-frame (5 mins).  This is mainly because Nedi takes over an hour for our discovery to complete.  Therefore, we have been using Cacti for years to provide performance monitoring.  The downside is that Cacti does not have auto-discovery, so we manually added a subset of our devices using their basic template for switches.  Nedi has basic integration with Cacti (I think by linking to the graphic generated by Cacti) but we don't use this feature.

However, a few months ago we started testing Observium to see what it can do.

Here is what Observium does very well:

  • automated discovery of network devices by crawling the CDP/LLDP network
  • polling and graphing of every component in the device
  • capable of 5-minute polling of hundreds of devices using multiple threads
  • alerting based on device availability and performance thresholds (paid subscription only)

Observium does collect basic information about end nodes (ARP table, MAC address table) but this information is hard to search, and it show every port that a MAC address was seen on, including uplinks and trunks.

My question is whether it makes sense to take the best of both Nedi and Observium, similar to the current Cacti integration, so that Observium graphs can be seen in Nedi?  (This may not work the same as Cacti, because I don't know the details)

Here is the URL of an interface graph in Observium:



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Re: Nedi integration with Observium?
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 02:53:02 PM »
The simplest integration would be using devtools.php to add links in Devices-Status. There will be iftools.php which allows the same for each interface within Devices-Status. Another new feature is a callout option which allows executing custom scripts on each discovered device...
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