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GUI / Dot 1.x
« on: August 13, 2016, 12:11:47 AM »
Hi,  I think Nedi will benefit if it can detect dot.1x ports..   
I have handled this need by using the Poe field in def-file,  in the def-field for Poe I have used a oid that detects dot.1x  instead of POE value.

But that isnt a long term solution since I like to have the POE value also,  I propose for a new field in def-file that detects dot.1x

Using a PHP report system called Reportico I produce alot reports every month and one of them is a "dot.1x report"

Device   Interface   Vlan   Alias                                   Cdp Info                       Dot1x   Enabled   Port Status[/b]
Device 1   Gi1/0/1   337   XX accessport                                                  No   Enabled Active
Device 1   Fa0/23   2   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled - Not active
Device 1   Fa0/24   2   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled - Not active
Device 1   Gi0/1   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW2   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/2       No   Enabled Active
Device 1   Gi0/2   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW4   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/1       No   Enabled Active
Device 2   Gi1/0/1   337   XX accessport                                                  Yes   Enabled Active
Device 2   Fa0/23   2   XX accessport                                                  No   Disabled
Device 2   Fa0/24   2   XX accessport                                                  No   Disabled
Device 2   Gi0/1   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW2   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/2       No   Enabled Active
Device 2   Gi0/2   0   Trunk to XX_XX_SW4   CDP:XX-XX-XX,Gi0/1       No   Enabled Active

It looks much better in Reportico :)

Database / Changed from MyISAM to InnoDB
« on: May 25, 2016, 01:02:26 AM »
and it seems to work good,  no table locks anymore and I think I gained about 30%-40% in speed/time when doing discovery

News / Test Nedi 1.4 Patch 6
« on: November 10, 2015, 10:24:15 PM »
the latency measurements,  is this problem fixed ?
On Redhat/Centos I still have the same problem


News / Suggestion
« on: August 28, 2015, 11:56:22 PM »
A new column in interface list that tells you if the port have dotx.1 enabled
I tried with and it seems to work

"Cisco Port Access Entity (PAE) module for managing IEEE Std 802.1x. This MIB provides Port Access Entity information that are either excluded by IEEE8021-PAE-MIB or specific to Cisco products."

 To easily see and do a report for all switches is worth a lot when you are doing security compliance reports

Discovery / Force to do backup
« on: May 08, 2015, 01:04:42 AM »
Are there anyway to force Nedi to do a backup,  as it is now Nedi looks at snmp parameters if any change is done in config, if not,, no backup
since I can see that if OIDs for backup doesnt work for whatever reason I dont get any bckups on some 2960S models,  I havnt found what OID to use yet but I need to have a working backup

Discovery / Re: Bug in 1.4 patch 3 ? (SOLVED, not a Nedi problem)
« on: March 17, 2015, 01:00:00 AM »
I installed patch 3 and found that when discovering  Wlan controllers
the problem I see is that discovery doesnt find any APs as it did before

Cisco 5508 WLCs with ver and ver, needs to be v1 now
Cisco 4400 with ver still works with v2
Cisco 2504 with ver still works with v2
Cisco Wism with ver doesnt work with v1 or v2

Aruba 6000 ctrl with version, needs to be v1 now
Aruba 3000 ctrl with version, needs to be v1 now
Little more details from the discovery process using v2

Connect mycommunity v2 Tout:5s MaxMS:2048 Retry:2 NB:0 WLC :
Walking AP name ERR
:No response from remote host ''

when forcing  v1

WLC AP ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SNMP
:Connect mycommunity v1 Tout:5s MaxMS:2048 Retry:2 NB:0 WLC
:Walking AP name WLC
:Walking AP location WLC
:Walking AP type WLC
:Walking AP SN WLC
:Walking AP group WLC
:Walking AP bootimage WLC
:Walking AP IP WLC
:Walking IF channel WLC
:Walking IF oper status WLC
:Walking IF admin status WLC
:Walking client user WLC
:Walking client AP WLC
:Walking client radio WLC
:Walking client SSID index WLC
:Walking client SNR WLC
:Walking client IP
AP+ :XXX-YY-ZZZ-APP5-01 (6886a7cac1e0) FGL1706Z0UR AIR-CAP1602I-E-K9 plan5
WDEV:XXX-YY-ZZZ-APP5-01 written to nedi.devices
AP+ :XXX-YY-ZZZ-APP6-01 (04dad28bb420) FGL1706Z0GF AIR-CAP1602I-E-K9 plan6
WDEV:XXX-YY-ZZZ-APP6-01 written to nedi.devices

Any ideas :)

Patch 1.4p3  whats new ?
btw, the url is wrong, file extension is tar, not tgz

GUI / GUI / database Suggestion for next release
« on: May 13, 2014, 05:53:01 PM »
General Comment field per device: useful for when you want others to know special things about the device,  ex: this switch will be replaced next friday

Owner field per device:   useful if you have a mix of ownership or if the device is leased

ServiceContract nr field  per device: useful when you want to do a RMA and when you have renew your contract

Service Contract end-date field  per device:  useful when you need to renew your contract

Service Contract cost  field  per device:  useful when calculate your service contract cost

SLA field per device: Useful for helpdesk, backoffice, secondline, easy to prioritize between different switches,  highest SLA, first to help/repair
OnSite Service Contractor feild per device:   Useful for helpdesk, backoffice, secondline to know what contractor to call out for ex replacement or other onsite needs.

We have done some of this in 1.07 but it would be nice to have out of  "the box"


Installation / regex, things that work in 1.07 but not in 1.09
« on: February 08, 2014, 01:07:53 AM »
sudo -u www /var/nedi/nedi.pl -BA "location regexp '(exp1;exp2;exp3)'"

This works in 1.07,  but somehow i cant get it work in 1.09
I have exactly the same location structure in 1.09.

In the Health GUI all my objects is placed as in 1.07,  when I do searches thru the GUI using location as filter everything is alright

But when I try to do backups in CLI or using CRON this statement doesnt work in 1.09

Anyone who have any idea why this is not working !


Discovery / poller-wrapper.py
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:54:11 AM »
Hi,  I have been using a software called Observium (opensource) for traffic reports/graphing.   
Its based on mysql, rrd and perl, php

The guys who built it faced the same problem with discovery as Nedi,  many objects to discover in a short time.
They come up with a wrapper,   

With a 4xcpu x86  server on ubuntu I can get all data for 1000 objects in 5 min, 
with a 2xcpu  Xenon server on ubuntu I do 300-400 objects in 5 min.

Maybe this wrapper could be a insperation to speed up discovery.


Installation / Config write
« on: May 26, 2013, 12:35:57 AM »
to be compliant with regulatory demands we are periodically forced to do  updates regarding to

- Local usernames & passwords (usernames and passwords used if tacacs server not reachable)
- VTY/Console passwords
- SNMP Communitys

I treid to use Nedi for an "mass-update" of SNMP communitys, around 90-100 switches,   since this an old installation they have old configs and sometimes have 2,3,4 different snmp-communitys.

I took all known communitys and did a "write-config:

no snmp-server community "com1"
no snmp-server community "com2"
no snmp-server community "com3"
no snmp-server community "com4"

I run into problem here,   if snmp community "com1" wasnt configured in the specific switch than the "write-config" stopped and didnt continue with "com2", "com3 and so on.

Is there anything i can change in your code so I dont have do unique changes for specific switches ?


Other / Installed Nedi 0.27 on a Raspberry running debian
« on: February 17, 2013, 12:26:56 AM »
Did it after a few beers when I felt brave enough to do it,  it was really easy to get it working, at home I dont have alot of snmp-devices (only 5) so I cant really say anything about performance.   
Anyhow,   maybe a plattform like Raspberry PI could be used as a probe or distributed monitor in the future for Nedi,  it would be great to have that option in big networks.

Other / Added info to Nedi
« on: November 09, 2012, 11:36:24 PM »
I have added some info to the device-status screen,  this type info is interesting for me but maybe not for others,  anyway i have attached a file where you can see what I did,  if anyone interested in code and tables,  just drop a messages and I will provide you with it


Installation / Nedi with overlapping IP-addresses
« on: September 16, 2012, 01:07:08 AM »
We are running a big network where we sometimes need to "NAT" some networks becuse they are already used at some other place in our network. Using NAT isnt good becuse we loose alot of Nedi´s strenght,    anyone have any idea how to handle this problem,,  I think this is problem is something every outsourcing company will face.

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