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Author Topic: multi-client capable nedi  (Read 2303 times)


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multi-client capable nedi
« on: November 24, 2010, 06:33:33 AM »

I'm looking for a simple design to deploy a multi-client capable nedi in parallel.
So I want to ask, if this and how this could be possible:
I want to get along with one nedi folder only and with one config per client (/usr/local/nedi/nedi.<client>.conf). To can access the different nedi-client-instances, Im looking for a simple, clever apache config solution:
Is it possible to can associate a global variable containing the nedi.<client>.conf to different Web-Aliases, so you can serve http://nediserver/nedi.foo with the properties in nedi.foo.conf?
In this case we need only some simple changes to libmisc.php and a piece of apache config to achive multi-client capable nedi in parallel without the need for a full copy of nedi per client.

I use for some time this basic pre solutions for multi-client capable nedi:
1. different folders (/usr/local/nedi.<instance>) with a full copy of nedi and own db at each instance; usecase=compare nedi versions, test new nedi versions while decoupling from productive nedi
2. one nedi folder with different configs (/usr/local/nedi/nedi.<instance>.conf) and own db per customer and a link to nedi.conf to can switch between instances; usecase=one VM-image to can offline support all my nedi customers (not parallel!) instead of need to have one VM-image per customer