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Author Topic: feature request: additional values in .def-files in future versions  (Read 2422 times)


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Hello remo, hello commuinity!

Because I have to handle many of different devices, I've seen that any manufactures transmit snmp-values different from cisco devices.
So sometimes memory-values will be transmitted in kB or MB today (instead ob Byte).
And temperature-values will be transmitted with the double value (60 for 30C) from any devices (like Nortel).
(at the moment, nedi cry to me because it mean that such devices run out-of-memory or are burning - but this isn't the true)

So - my wish is to have a multiplier for each of this values in the def-files for giving nedi the chance to get real values - independent of manufactor.
And also an additional field to to define a OID for interface-autosensing=true/false would be a great help (need additional Interface-table-column for this boolean)! Duplex-mismatch-finding would be then a child's  play. (I think I have tell this already - but it's a feature that I miss so much).

What do you meaning about this?


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The multipliers should be fairly easy to add. What besides Mem and Temp has been encountered by the community?

Did you try my suggestion on the duplex topic?
Please consider Other-Invoices on your NeDi installation for an annual contribution, tx!


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Not until yet - because I don't know how I define the second duplex value.
My knowledge about nedi-programming (meaning perl,php,... and the structure) is growing - but slowly.

And because there are only 1 device of this type until yet I haven't spend time for this.

How would you define this values in the def-file: coma/semicolon-separated  or second strings for the second values? And how do I query this in the snmp.pl?