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Hi there,

yesterday i updated the ProCurve Def files for a large customer network (81 procurves from 4000m to 5406xl) and today i thought i could share them...  ;)

Registered to the forums just to upload the files...

However, i didn't use defgen, but two rather ugly perlscripts i hacked together: The first takes all the ProCurve .def files and converts them into a CSV file. Then i edited the CSV with OpenOffice (added new devices, corrected spelling errors, verified OID support etc). Finally i used the second script to convert the CSV back into device files.

MUCH more convenient than editing all the files one after the other.

Of course the scripts work on other venodor defs too - you just have to tweak the SysObjIDs...

Ok, here they are: updated .defs and the ugly scripts... ;)

Oh, one thing: I didn't really understand the Movalu field. I even crossread RFC2037 and 2737, but didn't have the patience to really understand it. So i set the field to 9 - it seemed the best alternative and it seems to work. Please correct me if i'm wrong here.


Thanks for sharing this def's.
One your config backup with Procurve  working ...? if yes can you please provide some more detail...?

I have two issue with the Procurve switches with Nedi.
1. My Nedi works fine with the Cisco switch and finds all the switches form the network form the router ,this Router is cisco . I dont have access to Cisco Router in (not even SNMP read) Procurve environment.  so I could not give a seed ip and find the rest of the switch.

2. Even though if I add the switch manually in the Nedi, it is not backing up the config (my Cisco's config is being backed up)
I will add this def's shared by you and will see what  happens...
any help in this is much appreciated.


--- Quote from: harry on April 08, 2010, 06:57:22 PM ---One your config backup with Procurve  working ...? if yes can you please provide some more detail...?

--- End quote ---
I didn't try to use NeDi for backups yet. Our customer uses a shellscript to backup the switches. From what i've been told it uses "expect" to log into the switches and then upload the config to a TFTP server. But i could be wrong...



1oh5 only works when terminal none is configured on a HP switch. 1oh6 will be working much better (with telnet and ssh)...

Thanks Remo,
I am eagerly waiting for "1oh6".....(any ETA so far....?)

Please let me know if you want to test any module(s) in a large environment. We have 1300 Cisco phones, 300 Cisco 3560 and 3750 switches, and 39 nos 28xx routers. We also have a separate network of 1400 HP switches (240 subnets).

I highly appreciate each element (features) of Nedi and your sincere efforts to maintain it.
Congratulations on maintaining it so far and good luck for maintaining in future also.

Thanks and Regards,


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