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Server/App/Network Monitoring
« on: December 15, 2009, 03:03:39 AM »
We have been using IBM Tivoli (ITM) to monitor our servers (about 3000 Windows/Linux/AIX).

IBM wants to take us for a leg (they took the arm last year) for maintenance and additional licences.  So management has decided we are going to use Open Source for our JBoss server monitoring.  We are phasing out WebLogic and WebSphere in favour of JBoss and expect to have 3 to 400 JVMs (maybe 100 VM ESX virtual servers) in about a year.

I have been looking at the Open Source server management platforms and have come up with

  • Groundwork - partner of NeDi
  • Zenoss
  • Hyperic - acquired by VMWare

I have done a lot of work with NeDi and Cacti so that makes me lean towards Groundwork. Also they have selected JBoss for their portal technology and we have committed to JBoss.  I know I could do the Network Discovery with NeDi and that would help with root cause determination.  I would like to see if I can do some integration with our Remedy CMDB.

GroundWork also seems to include some application monitoring, WebInject?.  We could monitor the server, the critical processes, logs, ping the server and do simple web requests to confirm it is still responding.

Zenoss user interface looks simple but I don't know much about Zenoss.  We don't load SNMP on our servers so I haven't been able to see how it works.

Hyperic looks the most like our existing Tivoli config.  They have agents for the various OS and seem to support our server and middleware environment.

What experience do others have with these or similar tools?
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