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Author Topic: LLDP with 1.0.5RC3  (Read 2048 times)


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LLDP with 1.0.5RC3
« on: December 01, 2009, 07:50:53 PM »
First of all, I really appreciate this tool and Remo's slight bent toward OpenBSD.  Once I get NeDi and SNMP all figured out, it will be a very nice addition to our toolbox.

So here's my problem, I am either confused, or have found a bug... or maybe lldp is used by default, or depriciated?

First the confusion:
http://www.nedi.ch/discovery:nedi states:
"-c,-l Dynamic discovery protocols" in one spot, and
"-I disables a more recent feature..." in another

Now the bug:
Code: [Select]
# ./nedi.pl -l 
Unknown option: l
OUI:    15969 NIC vendor entries read
DEV:    27 devices read from nedi.devices
LINK:   0 links (WHERE type = "STAT") read from nedi.links

Discovery (1.0.5-RC3) with 27 seeds on Tue Dec  1 09:38:19 2009
Device                          Status                           Todo/Done-Time
Took 1 minutes

Devs:   27 devices discovered
150 arpwatch entries used.
Node:   122 nodes read () from nedi.nodes
Node:   109 IP and 0 non-IP nodes processed
Track:  0 IP and 19 IF changes detected
Node:   124 nodes written to nedi.nodes

We have all D-Link switches, so CDP is not an option.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again, and have a nice day,



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Re: LLDP with 1.0.5RC3
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 09:43:31 PM »
You're absolutely right. The wiki is not quite up to date right now and should be reviewed. Maybe something I can do over the holidays. OXO provided a nice manpage contribution, which I think is a great addition!
Please consider Other-Invoices on your NeDi installation for an annual contribution, tx!