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Author Topic: Get all PIX ASA FWSM Contexts from Admin Context connection  (Read 3606 times)


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we are working on a solution to get all context configurations from the admin context connection (Pix, ASA or FWSM with ssh or telnet)
First release is allready running. All context configurations are saved in the config field of the device, seperated with secial characters and the context name. Config compare is also running but over all contexts.
We need this feature because we operate this devices for clients and have no direct access to the contexts by a direct IP connection.

Next planned customisation is: We expand the seedlist with a credential id (number)
In nedi.conf we expand the line "usr" also with an ID field. With this match we can give the script in first try the matching user credentials. Specialy for ssh sessions we had problems. After first usr line doesn't match with username and password, the script change from ssh to telnet.

That's all

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