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Author Topic: NeDi export to Groundwork Monarch/Nagios  (Read 4327 times)


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NeDi export to Groundwork Monarch/Nagios
« on: April 01, 2009, 06:16:42 PM »
I have a question. We have a network that consists of approx 400 network devices, not including terminal servers.

I have attempted to go down the path of using NeDi to perform the discovery of these devices in order to simplify the import and parent definitions in Monarch/Nagios.

I'm so close to having this actually work, including using the import automation process to assign all the tedious values that would need to be assigned, such as region (host group) based on snmp-location string, Monarch groups (for community string macros) using the community strings discovered by NeDi, etc... etc... so close... so close indeed... however I need some help with the relational databases in nedi. Docs state that groundwork pro uses a script "extract_nedi.pl" to obtain Name, IP, Description, OS/OUI, Location, Type, Contact and Device (Being the parent device) from the nedi databases.

I have attempted to do the same (without knowing of course the specific query used by extract_nedi.pl)... but am fairly sure that I've got the relationship wrong which in turn is returning the wrong parent and wrong community string.

For example, my select string is as follows:
SELECT t2.neighbour, t1.ip, t1.name, t1.community, t1.os, t1.location, t1.type FROM devices t1, links t2 WHERE t1.contact not regexp "Netwatch" AND INET_NTOA(t1.ip) not regexp "172.17.102|172.17.2" AND t1.name = t2.device;

But again... I'm pretty sure the relationship (t1.name = t2.device, or devices.name = links.device) is wrong and thus returning erroneous information.

Any help, or experiences that people may have had would be more than appreciated.




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Re: NeDi export to Groundwork Monarch/Nagios
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2009, 04:40:46 PM »

To simplify what I'm trying to do.  I want to dump information (presumably from the devices and nodes tables??) that for each device, give me:
1) ip, name, community string, os, location, type --> from Devices table
2) neighbour (i.e. parent?? or dependency??) corresponding with device name from 1 --> nodes table

I'm just looking for someone to confirm and/or suggest a proper SQL statement to obtain this information so that it is relationally correct.  Not give me the gory internals of the "proprietary" GWMCE extract_nedi.pl script.

Thanks in advance...
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