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Author Topic: Using arpwatch tables to import IP's to Nedi  (Read 16 times)


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Using arpwatch tables to import IP's to Nedi
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:12:03 PM »
Hello all, I have a fancy new Palo Alto firewall and I have moved some VLAN's over to it. I ran into trouble with Nedi which ultimately I figured out was because Palo Alto doesn't provide MAC/ARP with SNMP (boooo!!!).

I am attempting to pull a fast one on Nedi by using Arpwatch. I wrote a shell script that connects to the Palo Alto, pulls down an ARP list, formats it into a standard Arpwatch file, and then waits for Nedi to come collect it.

When I run Nedi manually, it *seems* to be collecting the data and ingesting it ...

/usr/bin/perl /var/nedi/nedi.pl -vopN arpwatch
8< snip 8<
ARPW:b827eb772282       ups-drmckinley.kch.local.       OK
ARPW:b8ca3a7683fc     dt-dh04dx1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:f8b156c5aa08     dt-9n4cfz1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:000cc67ddc81     no-hostname     OK
ARPW:180373468467     dt-5smwjs1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:3417ebaa3070     dt-1tf3v12.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:b8ca3a7f7783     dt-655phx1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:1cdea7a0b388     vg204xm_drmckinley.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:5c260a870946     docron-pc.kch.local.    OK
ARPW:842b2b9a37c2     dt-5pgdpm1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:b8ac6fab4ff7     dt-5pgcpm1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:782bcb8a355a     dt-7dszdq1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:002673c2f499       lex_murnen.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:b4b52ff56231       no-hostname     OK
ARPW:0021b7de06a8       lex_murnen2.kch.local.  OK
ARPW:f8b156c5a5bd     dt-9n69fz1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:b083fe4feec8     dt-93rh942.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:18037327e196     dt-8ncjtv1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:002564f75691     dt-22htql1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:842b2baa804c     dt-ggn7nn1.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:d89ef3985718     dt-30phrr2.kch.local.   OK
ARPW:54e14034cb19     25064878.kch.local.     OK
ARPW:d89ef39856a1     dt-33skrr2.kch.local.   OK

BUT, then if I search my Nedi database for any Nodes or Devices with these IP addresses - I come up empty. If I search for the MAC address, I can find it. But the IP is blank. Is there something else that I need to do to force Nedi to connect these two pieces of information?