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POE Ciscos new 9x00 switch series

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Models:  C9200, C9200L, C9300, C9400, C9500

I have tried to get POE values from different types of Ciscos new switches,,  downbelow I attached some screencaptures.
If I do a snmpwalk from inside Def-tool I can see that Nedi picks up POE values,   but when I do a discovery these values will not show up

Anyone have an idea ?

There's a usepoe setting in nedi.conf. You might have to change the default to ifmib. This is an old setting, which I might remove in the future...

I have now tried with both ifmib and disprot, same result..
Something is different with with these Cisco 9x00-switches  or IOS-XE compared to other Cisco Switches.

I have dumped a complete snmpwalk from a 9200L switchstack,,  would that be to any help (BIG)

btw, is this the correct way to use usepoe

usepoe          C9200L-48P-4G-E         ifmib


Another weird thing is that in modules the switch is last in order

The usepoe example looks good. I'll eventually come across those models and then try to implement PoE support...


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