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possible to start sfcapd for multiple exporters ?


can someone advise me how to Setup sfcapd to listen for multiple exporters ?
Hi all,
i have managed to Setup Nedi / sfcapd for one single exporter, but now i would like to add additional exporters.

I have read that i can do it by using a single Port for each exporter, and that it is possible to use one single port / Listener for multiple exporters, bu how do i do that ?

If possible iŽd like to keep a folder for each exporter like this.


Does anyone have an example how to do ?
Thanks Reiner
any help

If you run several daemons you can point them to different folders. Configure the exporters to talk to the corresponding ports the daemons are listening to. I've only done this with netflow, but I'd assume sflow works the same...


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