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RE Parrallel Discoverys and Database Lock issues


In regard to this post:

I still got a similar or the same problem with using version 1.7

--- Code: ---DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction at /var/nedi/inc/ line 1227
--- End code ---

So how was that problem fixed? Or does anyone know how to fix that problem?

The highest amount of parallel discovery’s is 4 scans.

This has been improved in 1.8 and 1.9. One of the biggest issues was slow DNS reverse lookups. You can try with -n1 to see, if that makes a difference...

Thank you for the quick reply ;D
I changed it in the start program and for now it works.
But that also happened in the past so I will observe it for some weeks and post whether it works. ::)

Hello everyone,
for now, it does not solve the problem. There are still errors in the MySQL Database, but less than before

But I think there is also another Problem with my rrd-Graphs because of which they are not population.
So I will troubleshoot further, and create a new post.

Thanks for the support.


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