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Date in NeDi is 15 days in the future


Hello, NeDi experts

For some reason NeDi does not utilize system's date.  I am running NeDi on Ubuntu server.  The system's date is correct, but the date in NeDi is about 15 days in the future.  Exmple:

Date: Mon Mar  4
Date in NeDi: Mar 19

Is there a configuration file, which I can tweak to fix the date?

Thank you!

First time, I hear that :)

The User can set his time-zone and format in User-Profile. Other than that it uses the system time. What do you see, when you hover over the user icon (or bug) on the top right?

Shame on me.  I am so used to American date format.  4.Mar 19  I thought it was "March 19".  Never mind the "4.".... Too much coffee. 

My apologies and thank you for your response.

Ah ok :) You then should probably change the timezone and dateformat to match...

Thank you, Rickli.  Updated date and time representation in my profile.  Worked like a charm.


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