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Thank you for NeDi, it's been a massive boost to my documentation ability in this environment. I've spoken to both of my bosses (I'm a consultant) and will likely try to have a conversation with you about both a static license for this engagement and what possibilities exist for a "consultant" type of license that I could carry around on my laptop.

I have, in my stable, several models of Palo Altos that I'm trying to get better .defs for. With no .def file, basic information like interfaces, etc are being successfully polled, but things like LLDP are not. I've been going thru the Def tutorial, but some things are still confusing me. For example, if I set "Serial#" to iso., then the test icon returns a proper looking result:

But, it returns "err" or remains blank in the status page.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

Hi, sure send a mail :) Replace iso with 1. Also, have you tried for SN?
BTW, Palo gets support vor ARP via SSH and config backup in NeDi 1.8...


Have you figured out how to properly define .def files for Palo Alto devices?  Could you post them here?

Also, did you manage to figure out how to populate IP addresses of nodes connected to the devices.

Thank you very much.

This will be supported with NeDi 1.8 onward. It'll be freely available this fall. Of course you can always buy NeDi+ ;-)

Could you please post your Palo Alto working def files?

We have a bunch of them and we are struggling to get at least IP  on Interfaces.

Thanks in advance.



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