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just this morning i noticed the population of a port on one of my switches went from 7 to blank.
under Device, Status, i select the switch in question and scroll down to see list of ports and this port that had a population of 7 devices connected to it (it's port Fa0/4 btw) - i know i saw this last week.  i was able to do some real-time traffic analysis on this port (as it's one end of a line of sight wifi connection).  i can still do that, but now i don't have visibility on that port.  if i do a "sh mac address-table int fa0/4" i see the devices, but i don't see them in Nedi.  it was working.  i haven't done anything drastic i can think of.  any ideas?

If NeDi detects another device on that interface it will not put nodes there anymore. They should pop up on that other device, if the mac adress table can be used there. What Wifi products are you using?

it's a radwin 2000 on both sides.  there really hasn't been any change to the nodes on either side of the wifi connection.  particularly on the port in question...  the radwin radio has been there for a couple years, and NeDi (up until just a couple weeks ago) *was* reporting the 7 or so nodes on that port.  now it shows none, even though doing a show mac-address table on that port does indeed show all the MAC addresses of the devices.

i just looked at my original question.  i said i don't have visibility on the port.  i should re-word that statement.  i still "see" the port, it's green in Nedi indicating that it's connected and i can still monitor realtime traffic.  and the devices on the other side of that wifi link are all visible and operating fine from a network point of view.  just that Nedi can't see them anymore.

appreciate you taking the time to answer.  if there's anything else i can add here (screencaps, etc) i'll gladly do so.


Ok, so is the neighbor discovered as device or not?

the switch side of the radwin wifi and the remote radwin are both discovered as devices (they appear in Nedi as devices) however i don't see neighbour info.

from the switch point of view (CLI), i can see all the MACs on that single port including the radwin on both sides, and the devices located on the remote side.  just seems like Nedi stopped telling me there was a population of 7 nodes on that interface.  now it's blank.

i've attached a few pics, if you don't mind quickly having a look.  :)


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