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Author Topic: No Config-Backup after Change  (Read 12 times)


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No Config-Backup after Change
« on: Today at 08:45:19 AM »
Hey all!

We have some issues with the Config-Backup feature on Cisco devices...
The initial backup with -B10 is working properly on every device. SSH and SNMP are working properly too. The OID for ConfChange is and for ConfWrite is, they are updated properly.
When I change the config without write, NeDi shows the Exclamation Mark in Device-Status.

The Value cfgchange in devices Table is updated too, when i Change the config.
When I run nedi.pl with -b or -B10, it says "DISC:Config hasn't been changed. Not backing up."  :(

So, when everything is updated and working good..... I do not find the reason, why does NeDi not back up the config.....

We are using the following NeDi, installed with the very great nebuntu.sh   :-*
/var/nedi/nedi.pl version 1.6.100 calling Getopt::Std::getopts (version 1.12 [paranoid]),
running under Perl version 5.26.0.
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