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Author Topic: Network devices that have as SysObjectID  (Read 3322 times)


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Hello to Nedi Community MembersQ
I have recently discovered Nedi project and installed community version of Nedi. My compliments to Nedi's creators and supporters!

After playing with Nedi I found that discovery process is based on a SNMP device's scan and then applying a device template according to SysObjectID OID. While scanning my network I have found that some Linux based network devices (Peplink Balance and Sophos UTM FW in my case) have the same sysObjectID OID: . ... Well, right, they both have linux based OS ... but they also have set of they own private MIBs that are different for the same OID features. There is generic .def template "UC-Davis" with sysObjectID (OID): . in Nedi setup, so it makes impossible to create a unique template with the same sysObjectID OID.
My question is there another way to define a unique template for a device and not by sysObjectID OID?

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Re: Network devices that have as SysObjectID
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 11:21:56 PM »
Tx for the feedback :)

NeDi uses sysobjid only to determine the device type. This works for most networking vendors and that's what I've developed it for.

If your Linux devices provide their type in a MIB you could use the OID as typeoid in the .def file. Other than that you'd need to pester the vendors to change their implementations...
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