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Author Topic: No IP's found on subnet  (Read 1242 times)


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No IP's found on subnet
« on: May 28, 2014, 09:59:51 PM »
We have five different locations each with their own subnet and we are using NeDio8 to monitor the network. The information that it gives us on our switches and what is connected to them is very useful. All of the subnets are reporting devices and their nodes correctly except for one. At this location the devices are correct and they show the nodes that are populated on the switches but all of the node IP addresses report as There may be several Windows computers that display the IP address correctly but for the remainder are zeros. At this location, we only have RO access to the router (managed by someone else) but I do have a Cisco 3550 layer 3 switch. Would it be possible to get the IP information from the switch and if so, how do I do this? I've experimented with Defgen but the result doesn't change.

Thanks for a great product...