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Hello together,

we recently changed our naming concept.
so now a lot of my nodes have a new DNS/Hostname.
Is there a way to force NeDi to update these Nodes.

the MAC und IP of the host is still the same so it's not a new/changed node for NeDi

best regards

It's tied to retire, meaning it'll force an update after "retire" days. You can lower it to get the update quicker, but this will affect other node related "timers" like deleting old nodes etc...

crap, i still need the "old" nodes.
once in a while they are looking for old devices that are offline but lost somewhere.
so deleting old nodes is not a option.

Ok, I got a solution. Enter this in in System-Export:

UPDATE nodes set ipupdate=0;

All nodes will update their IP/DNS in the next discovery. You can add a "WHERE lastseen > 1387562241" condition to limit it to newer nodes for example...

I'm gonna add this to the Maintenance options in System-Export.

thx that worked

i added these lines at System-Export.php Line 61

--- Code: --- else if(document.forms['export'].exptbl.options[document.forms['export'].exptbl.selectedIndex].value=='noderet') {
document.forms['export'].query.value='UPDATE nodes set ipupdate=0 WHERE lastseen > <?= (time() - 2419200) ?>';

--- End code ---

and at line 100

--- Code: ---echo "<option value=\"noderet\"".($exptbl=="noderet"?" selected":"").">$reslbl DNS for active Nodes > 4Weeks</option>\n";
--- End code ---

maybe it be a good idea to have a button in the Node-Status.php to reset the DNS
So that a single host can be resolved again


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