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Author Topic: CSV file data extract.  (Read 2498 times)


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CSV file data extract.
« on: November 27, 2013, 12:58:58 AM »
Can some one please help me in wrinting  code, for extracting data from follwoing CSV file structure? may be in perl or AWK or any other scripting tool.

The file structure is like,
in a single record 1 to 16 comma seperated filelds are site related information,  from 16, 69 comma seperated values are data and those are in multipule columns to up to end of record. may be 30 to 40 times in to 69 fields.

I could extracet 1 to 16 fields in one line but could not establish any logic for extracting subsequent data of fix column(69) in each new row for multipule time up to the end of each record.

Thanks in advance.