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Author Topic: simple network tool for end user [dau]  (Read 3435 times)


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simple network tool for end user [dau]
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:39:52 AM »

I'm searching for a programming/scripting language to write a simple tool for end user doing these things:

  • show mac addresses of 802.3 (ethernet) networking cards and copy them to clipboard
  • show ip configuration (ip, mask, gateway, dhcp, dns, etc)
  • set network interface from static to dhcp or vice versa
  • check network configuration (physical connection, link speed, reach gateway, resolve dns names)

The tool should accompolish the following criteria:
  • be as simple as possible to use (for dau's)
  • be as intelligent as possible to prevent misconfigration/malfunction
  • work on all windows operating systems starting from windows xp
  • be small in size
  • a minimum of dependencies - no need of frameworks etc, run on double click without installation
  • should be written in/with open source
  • interacting with Windows Management Instrumentation (wmi) could be helpful

I solved the problem with stubid batch, but it's horrible and not reliable in terms of system independence. I tried to solve it with powershell but these scripts don't run on xp and also not out of the box on a client. I thougt about visual basic script (vbs) which isn't that much powerful and doesn't provid an acceptable user interface.

Any idea how to support our users?

Yours, Daniel