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Author Topic: Filter caused (?) issue  (Read 1677 times)


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Filter caused (?) issue
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:52:04 PM »
 I have another issue with how 1.0.6 associates swithc ports, because I don't want cpd poking at phones I restricted in nedi.conf as follows
# Regular expression to match discovery protocol description of non-SNMP
# platforms (like lightweight/controlled APs).
# nosnmpdev     IP\s(Phone|Telephone)|^ATA|AIR-LAP11|MAP-|AP(\s|_)Controlled
nosnmpdev      IP\s(Phone|Telephone)|^ATA|AIR-LAP11|MAP-|AP(\s|_)Controlled
nosnmpdev       ^S[EI]P([0-9A-Fa-f]){12}|^([a-zA-Z0-9]){5}[wW][aA][pP]
nosnmpdev       IP (Phone|Telephone)|C1130|VG224|C1140|C1142||C1310|C1200|C1240
nosnmpdev       IP (Phone|Telephone)|1242|1142|1230|
nosnmpdev       AIR|IP\s(Phone|Telephone)|^ATA|AIR-LAP11|MAP-|AP_Controlled|
nosnmpdev       ^CNH-{7}-1142-#


when I have a phone on switchport the  discovery will always prefer the Layer3 Mac address table to the actual switch-port ;
even though the "status" of the Switch itself hold the CPD relationship accurately (see attachment "CDP_on_Switchport.JPG");

the actual switch-port id only seen in "IF Change" (see attachment "HOST_on_Switchport.JPG");

for both the Phone and the PC, so search on the device they are connected to will yeild neither the phone nor the PC

How can I get it so it prefers the switch (mac table)  to the Distribution ?

Thanks for your awesome sw btw !