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Author Topic: Missing values in fields  (Read 1324 times)


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Missing values in fields
« on: November 14, 2012, 01:32:41 PM »
Hi all,

just wanted to share some information with you, in case you have a similar issue.

I had one seedlist with about 400 devices. 250 were lacking information like the serial and bootimage. Within Defgen, I could request those fields and the requested values were correct. There were even events, telling me the serial was changed from '-' to the correct one. But still, I was missing those in the database.

The root cause? nosnmpdev contained to pipes after each other (e.g. 'Phone||Controller'). So what happened ist that NeDi accepted any device as a neighbor that needs to be written to the device list. First, devices were discovered correctly and then their values were deleted again, as the result of a neighbor entry.

Troubleshooting in this case is a bit tricky. The devices showed green lights next to SNMP, as mentioned, Defgen showed the correct values, etc. The values stayed in the database when additionally discovered with the -a flag. On the next day, they disappeared again. There was an event, saying it replaced '-' with the correct serial or bootimage, but no event, that said it replaced it again! The only thing, that caused my attention was that I found three values for "WDEV" when I logged the whole discovery and grepped for the device. That gave me the relevant hint.

Maybe this piece of information is useful for somebody.
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Re: Missing values in fields
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2012, 06:10:06 PM »
Great real life scenario. Thanks for resolving and sharing it! I'll look into a way to avoid this in the future (e.g. a warning and maybe even a protection for snmp devices being overwritten by non-snmp ones)...
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