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Author Topic: Config Backup with procurve HP-5406zl  (Read 5073 times)


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Config Backup with procurve HP-5406zl
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:35:41 AM »
My backup with Procurve is working fine(for other models and same username password). Only this model is giving the following error while scaning.
Prepare (CLI) ----------------------------------------------------------------
SSH :.:22 Tout:2s OS:ProCurve EN:(.+?)#\s?(\x1b\[[;\?0-9A-Za-z]+)+$
 PTY :Forking ssh -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' -l .
 CLI1:Matched any key, sending ctrl-Y
CLI4:Matched to continue[?25h[?6l[?7l[?25h2395-LRCS-LR0002-SW01-Core-254> [?25h (or gen. prompt with enpass & enable cmd), enabling
CLI7:Matched Password:, sending password
 Use of uninitialized value $match in pattern match (m//) at /var/nedi/inc/libcli-iopty.pm line 523.
 ERR :pattern match timed-out
 DISC:Cli config = pattern match timed-out
 DISC:Config backup error: pattern match timed-out
 MLQ :admin+ 2395-LRCS-LR0002-SW01-Core-254: Config backup error: pattern match timed-out DevRRD ------------------------------------------------------------------
Is there anyone who can backup this model of switch?
any one can help me to resolve this problem?



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Re: Config Backup with procurve HP-5406zl
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2012, 09:22:00 AM »
Yes. I have backups for those devices.

The configuration is (I think it's the standard that comes with NeDi):
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'ropr'} = '(.+?)>\s?(\x1b\[[;\?0-9A-Za-z]+)+$';                                        # Match them nasty Escapes!
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'enpr'} = '(.+?)#\s?(\x1b\[[;\?0-9A-Za-z]+)+$';
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'enab'} = 'enable';
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'conf'} = 'show run';
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'strt'} = '^Running';
$cmd{'ProCurve'}{'page'} = 'no page';

I suggest you debug your output by adding print commands in libcli-iopty.pm.
print "PRE :$pre\nMTCH:$match\n";


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Re: Config Backup with procurve HP-5406zl
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2012, 06:02:21 PM »
I have several pattern match errors on my Cisco gear as well.  The odd thing is that I have other devices of these same models that do not get the timeout.  They are all accessible on the same gigabit backbone.


Any idea what would cause these timeouts on models that work elsewhere?  I am going to increase the timeout from 5 seconds (my previous setting) to 10 seconds.

# Timeout for SNMP and telnet communication. Extra time will be added
# for certain tasks (e.g. building the config).  Default = 2
timeout         10

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Re: Config Backup with procurve HP-5406zl
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2012, 11:57:08 PM »
This is the last time I'll post this  :) Add -d and open 2 more windows with tail -f on input and output.log. Most likely the prompt is different (or the ProCurve box generates escape sequences I don't catch yet). The log should reveal what exactly is being transmitted and received...
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