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Author Topic: A discover for type 3560v2 results an "ERR" for serial number  (Read 1870 times)


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Good Morning,

I`m new in this forum and I hope you can help me to fix this problem.

We have run a Nedi 1.0.5 installation for 1 year and there were no problems with discover a new device.

Until the Cisco type 3560v2 and Cisco type IE-3000 will work in our network.

The discover results an error message, short "err" for the serial number. No information about type etc.

Nedi becomes no SysObjId, so the DefGen will not work, in my opinion.

Can anybody give me a solution for this problem?!



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Re: A discover for type 3560v2 results an "ERR" for serial number
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 01:43:38 PM »
I've seen some trubles with V2 series switches, but I'll wait 1.0.6 release, that should be better in handle DEF file.

Anyway, to correctly get Serial Number, I've found in an old thread a "solution" that remove a configuration parameter and solves (in my environment) this problem:
you can try to send
Code: [Select]
no snmp-server chassis-id 0x12to the problematic switches.

until now I haven't had any issue without this configuration parameter.