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Discovery / Dot (.) in hostname
« Last post by ruehlb on November 17, 2016, 07:10:33 PM »
It appears that I have had this issue for a while but now that I am looking to upgrade to Nedi 1.5 I am seeing this cause larger errors. We have some access points where the names of them have a dot (.) in the hostname. This was done because we base the AP name to match building blueprint. In large rooms with a bunch of cubes, the ap is given the ID of the cube it is above. The cubes each have their own number but it is a subnumber of the main room. So if the main room was 260 and it was cube 20, the AP would have 260.20 in the name to provide a location. The problem I am seeing is that nedi drops everything after the dot. What this now does is every AP in that main room is being labeled as 260 within Nedi creating duplicate device names. It appears that Nedi 1.4 added just one and left the rest, however in 1.5, if a duplicate device name is detected, the discovery halts.

Since this "worked" on 1.4 but now causes 1.5 to stop the discovery, I need to see what kind of fix I can come up with. One would be to rename the access points so that there isn't a dot it in any more but that might not be as easy as it sounds. The question I have is can Nedi keep the entire hostname regardless of what characters are in it so that it doesn't break the name apart?
Discovery / Re: Problem backup Aerohive AP
« Last post by mmarodin on November 17, 2016, 04:12:34 PM »
Thanks, it works!
Definition Files / Cisco 3850 stack def
« Last post by Hannu Liljemark on November 17, 2016, 11:09:48 AM »
Here's a definition for Cisco 3850 stack,

Found the error, the timeout was too high.


timeout         60      1

timeout         30      1

Leaving this for future reference.
All of a sudden Nedi 1.4P6 won't work anymore. Any help is appreciated.

Code: [Select]
Write ArpND -------------------------------------------------------------------
EVNT:MOD=N/1 L=150 CL=secp TGT=hostname MSG=9 IP addresses for 6400f174d1c0 exceed ARP poison threshold of 1
EVNT:MOD=N/1 L=150 CL=secp TGT=hostname MSG=2 IP addresses for 3cd92bfa3358 exceed ARP poison threshold of 1
WAND:0 new IPs and 0 updates written

RNBR:0 neighbors read

Prepare (CLI)  ----------------------------------------------------------------
EVNT:MOD=C/1 L=150 CL=nede TGT=hostname MSG=CLI Bridge Fwd error: no valid users

BridgeFwd (SNMP) --------------------------------------------------------------
SNMP:Connect IP public@100 v2 Tout:68s MaxMS:1472 Retry:1 NB:0
FWDS:Walking BridgeFwd (public@100)
Can't call method "get_table" on an undefined value at /home/nedi/inc/libsnmp.pm line 2524.
Installation / Re: problem with update to 1.5
« Last post by rickli on November 15, 2016, 12:58:37 PM »
There is a more recent building separator (_ by default) allowing for sub-buildings at the same adress.

Pls post your strings and locsep settings, if you can't find a solution...
Discovery / Re: dot1x and node tracking with dynamic vlans
« Last post by rickli on November 15, 2016, 12:55:53 PM »
Hi Mark

It all depends on what the switch reveals about the MAC. The Q-Bridge MIB is the best option for regular switches as it contains the vlanid in the OID:

The results looks like = Port

Unfortunately Cisco doesn't support this and resorts to some weird Community Vlan indexing. That's why I recommend using the CLI method, which does a "sh mac-address table".

If this information reflects the actual state, NeDi displays the correct vlan with the node.
BTW there's a template (look for the Vlan icon) in Nodes-List, showing PVID != Vlan nodes.

I'm working on tagged vlan support for all interfaces for NeDi 1.7...
Discovery / Re: Problem backup Aerohive AP
« Last post by rickli on November 15, 2016, 12:49:25 PM »
Change line 157 in libcli.pm to:

$cmd{'Aerohive'}{'cfst'} = '.';

Will be fixed in 1.6...
Installation / Re: problem with update to 1.5
« Last post by Subordination on November 12, 2016, 02:18:40 PM »
thanks that worked -

another slight issue seems like navigation of the topology layers , from my snmp location strings does'nt dig as previously;

at the third delimiter it won't open further - is there a nedi.conf adjustment required?
Discovery / Problem backup Aerohive AP
« Last post by mmarodin on November 11, 2016, 05:42:29 PM »

I've a problem trying to backup Aerohive APs.
Debugging the discover it seems to work, but it fails with an error:
Use of uninitialized value in regexp compilation at ./inc/libcli.pm line 1105.

Here the debug part:
Code: [Select]
[nedi@test-mon01 nedi]$ ./nedi.pl -SsamirfgtedbpowAO -B2 -vka
RCFG:./nedi.pl path is relative
CLI :IO-Pty loaded
WEB :LWP-UserAgent loaded
RDEV:65 devices read from nedi.devices
OUI :24975 NIC vendor entries read
RMON:0 entries (dev) read from nedi.monitoring
RMON:0 entries (node) read from nedi.monitoring
RUSR:1 entries (groups & 8 = 8 AND (phone != '' OR email != '')) read from nedi.users
TODO:             added
RADR:1572 IF MAC, 47 IP and 9 IPv6 addresses read.
MAIN:10 threads, 1st from Fri Nov 11 10:15:14 2016 seems ok adding this one

Network Discovery (1.5.225p3) ./nedi.pl -SsamirfgtedbpowAO -B2 -vka
Started with 1 seeds at Fri Nov 11 12:40:19 2016
Device                          Status                          Todo/Done-Time

Identify ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
SNMP:Connect public v2 Tout:2s MaxMS:1472 Retry:1 NB:0
SOBJ:Reading (HiveAP330)
IDNT:OS=Aerohive SRV=6 TYPE=HiveAP330
DISC:no skip policy using -S samirfgtedbpowAO

Enterprise   ------------------------------------------------------------------
SNMP:Connect public v2 Tout:2s MaxMS:2048 Retry:1 NB:0

Interfaces   ------------------------------------------------------------------
RIF :17 IF read (WHERE device = 'test-ap230-01') from nedi.interfaces
SNMP:Connect public v2 Tout:5s MaxMS:1472 Retry:1 NB:0
IF  :Walking high-speed
IF  :Index Name          Spd Dup St Pvid Description     Alias             PoE
IF  :     1 lo             0  -   3    0 lo                                  0
IF  :     2 tunl0          0  -   0    0 tunl0                               0
IF  :     3 gre0           0  -   0    0 gre0                                0
IF  :     4 sit0           0  -   0    0 sit0                                0
IF  :     5 ip6tnl0        0  -   0    0 ip6tnl0                             0
IF  :     6 Et0            0  -   3    0 eth0                                0
IF  :     8 Et1            0  -   1    0 eth1                                0
IF  :    10 wifi0          0  -   3    0 wifi0                               0
IF  :    11 wifi1          0  -   3    0 wifi1                               0
IF  :    14 mgt0           0  -   3    0 mgt0                                0
IF  :    17 wifi0.1        0  -   3    0 wifi0.1                             0
EVNT:MOD=D/1 L=150 CL=supe TGT=test-ap230-01 MSG=1 available Ethernet port is below threshold of 5

IfAddresses  ------------------------------------------------------------------
IFIP:No useip policy set, always using discovered IPs
SNMP:Connect public v2 Tout:2s MaxMS:1472 Retry:1 NB:0
IFIP:Walking old address table
IFIP: on mgt0 is ok & unique
IFIP: on lo is not usable

KeyScan       -----------------------------------------------------------------
ERR :ssh-keyscan rsa failed, trying dsa
KEY :# SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.9 (DSA) added to ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Prepare (CLI)  ----------------------------------------------------------------
PREP:cfg supported and user admin;1 exists

Config (CLI)   ----------------------------------------------------------------
SSH :admin;1@ Tout:2s OS:Aerohive EN:[\w+().-]+#\s?$
PTY :Forking ssh  -l admin
CLI2:Matched 'password:' sending password
CLI3:Password sent
CLI8:Matched enable prompt, OK
CMDR:console page 0 result is OK
CMDR:show config running result is OK
[b]Use of uninitialized value in regexp compilation at ./inc/libcli.pm line 1105.[/b]
WAIT:show config running
WAIT:security mac-filter Test default permit
WAIT:security-object TEST_MOBILE
WAIT:security-object TEST_MOBILE security protocol-suite wpa2-aes-psk ascii-key ***
WAIT:security-object TEST_MOBILE default-user-profile-attr 104
WAIT:ssid TEST_MOBILE security-object TEST_MOBILE
WAIT:ssid TEST_MOBILE security mac-filter TEST_MOBILE
WAIT:hive Test
WAIT:hive Test security mac-filter Test
WAIT:hive Test manage snmp
WAIT:hive Test password ***
WAIT:interface eth0 manage snmp
WAIT:interface eth1 manage snmp
WAIT:interface wifi1 mode access
WAIT:interface mgt0 hive Test
WAIT:interface mgt0 vlan 30
WAIT:interface wifi1 ssid TEST_MOBILE
WAIT:no system led power-saving-mode
WAIT:lldp max-power 154
WAIT:access-console security protocol-suite wpa-auto-psk ascii-key ***
WAIT:hostname test-ap230-01
WAIT:admin root-admin admin password ***
WAIT:interface mgt0 ip
WAIT:ip route net gateway
WAIT:no interface mgt0 dhcp client
WAIT:dns server-ip
WAIT:dns domain-name domain.local
WAIT:ntp server
WAIT:ntp interval 1440
WAIT:clock time-zone 1
WAIT:clock time-zone daylight-saving-time 03-27 01:59:59 10-30 02:59:59
WAIT:no snmp trap-info over-capwap
WAIT:snmp trap-info over-snmp
WAIT:snmp trap-host v2c community testcommunity
WAIT:console page 0
WAIT:config version 43
WAIT:config rollback enable
WAIT:snmp location "server room"
WAIT:no snmp reader version any community public
WAIT:snmp reader version v2c community testcommunity
WAIT:snmp reader version v2c community public
WAIT:capwap client server name
WAIT:capwap client dtls hm-defined-passphrase *** key-id 1
WAIT:capwap client vhm-name Test
WAIT:no capwap client dtls negotiation enable
WAIT:location aerohive enable
WAIT:no location aerohive list-match enable
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos user-profile 2000000 10 user 1000000
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 0 wrr 1000000 10
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 1 wrr 1000000 20
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 2 wrr 1000000 30
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 3 wrr 1000000 40
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 4 wrr 1000000 50
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 5 wrr 1000000 60
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 6 strict 20000 0
WAIT:qos policy def-user-qos qos 7 strict 20000 0
WAIT:user-profile Test qos-policy def-user-qos vlan-id 15 attribute 10
WAIT:no bonjour-gateway enable
WAIT:bonjour-gateway realm "address here"
WAIT:application reporting auto
ERR :No config ()

ProPolicy    -------------------------------------------------------------------
PPOL :No actions triggered

Write Device Info -------------------------------------------------------------
WDEV:test-ap230-01 written to nedi.devices
WIF :17 interfaces written to nedi.interfaces
WVLN:0 vlans written to nedi.vlans
WNET:2 networks written to nedi.networks
DISC:ToDo/Done-Time                                        0/1-0s

MAIN:1 devices discovered
MAIN:11 threads running right now
ALRT:0 mails and 0 SMS sent with 0 events

MacLinks ------------------------------------------------------------------------
ITER:1 found 0 MAC links

END :Took 0 minutes

Could you help me?
Thanks, bye
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