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I managed it :-)

GUI / duplicate Nodes - with and without domain suffix
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:20:28 AM »

Im using Nedi with arpwatch. I noticed, that in "Nodes - List" I have many duplicate Nodes. Theres only one difference I found: One is with domain suffix and one without.
Is something wrong with my configuration?

I`ve no idea, what causes the problem. After a clean Installation on a different server, everything is fine now! :-)

Btw.: How can I uninstall NeDi from my "old" server?

pictures say more than a thousand words ;-)

I`m also not sure about the traffic data. The values look way too high....


I deleted the coreswitch device. Now I can see the IP Aaddresses of source and destination address! But something is still wrong. The internal addresses are marked as public addresses!

That`s what NeDi shows me in the mouseover for Source or Destination Address for example: "lo0 Address - location...."
The static text always shows the name of our Coreswitch.
 Doe anybody has an idea?


I am running NeDi 1.7p3 with 25 Devices and about 1000 nodes. So far everything is working fine. I have enabled sflow on every switch and NeDi shows the traffic! For some reason, I do not see the source and destination IPs in the GUI. Instead of the IPs or hostname, Nedi always shows me the name of my coreswitch. When I move the mouse curser on source or destination field a "mouseover" appears and shows me the correct IP address. But this is very uncomfortable, because I cannot see all the connections at one glance.
Do I have configuration bug?

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