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News / NeDi Websites
« on: November 30, 2008, 02:18:35 PM »
FYI, I'm not too happy with my webhoster. The DB always had sporadic problems (outside the maintenance window), bandwidth is not that great and now I noticed it was completely unavailable on a couple of occasions. Email notification seized to work for the forum, hence registration and topic notifications won't be sent out anymore.  :-\

I've asked support, but I don't expect too much anymore  >:( I guess you get what you pay for, so I'm not complaining (too much). I just hope the community doesn't mind until I find a better solution. Thanks for your understanding....

News / NeDi's Future
« on: July 12, 2008, 05:30:22 PM »
It's been a few weeks, since I've released version 1.0. The feedback has been positive and no major problems have been reported so far. Until now, the main drive for NeDi's development has been my employer and our needs at hand. Donations from my Amazon wish lists have encouraged me to take care of user requests and make NeDi work as good as possible for everyone else...

I'll start working for a new employer in a couple of weeks and NeDi won't be an official part of my job anymore. I've set up a lab in my basement in order to continue development, but it's obvious that it will slow down without any major incentives. I will spend spare time to take NeDi to the next level, but for requests and support, you'll get much quicker responses, if you compensate my efforts. You can sponsor individual features by writing them yourself or make a donation we agree upon for implementing.

At this point I want to thank my boss (Urs Egger) who made this possible in the first place and all the users who contributed, donated and reported bugs, thus helped to make NeDi to what it is now. More than ever it will be carried by the community from now on, until maybe one day, I'll form a real business  around it...

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