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Hi NediCommunity,

we are trying to discover a pretty straight forward laboratory setup

CISCO 2960 -> Microsens G6 -> Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 8

The only IP in the seedlist is the CISCO. It detects the Microsens but the Unifi Switch doesnt show up.

The WEB GUI of the Microsens shows the connected Unifi switch with corresponding IP. But the NeDi discovery log states that theres no usable IP for that thingy. I've tried to create different .def files or settings for the Microsens but nothing works so far.

we are using 1.7p2 and starting point was the  included in the 1.7p3 package.
I've changed some oids, cdp, lldp, arp etc pp. I also enabled and disabled CDP and LLDP on the microsens including some subsettings.

any help is much appreciated

edit:  changed title a bit

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