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« on: July 06, 2017, 08:50:14 AM »
Hello good day.

I first apologize for my level of English as it is something basic.

I have installed Nedi 1.5C on an Ubuntu x64 machine with 4gb ram.
I have a seedlist of more than 7000 entries (different manufacturers, although the great majority are Cisco, 3com, Enterasys and HP). As you can deduce with such a listing, the scanning of the network takes too long.
I have seen that there are people who throw several threads simultaneously but of course I have doubts about how they do it, since if you throw several threads when using the same seedlist, it will always be thrown following the same order, right ?.
I have tried to launch it via GUI and the first thing that happens to me is that it does not finish the scanning as it stops.

How could you launch using multiple threads at once?
How many simultaneous threads could you put at the same time?
How is it better to launch this scan, from GUI or console?

Thank you very much, greetings  ;)

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