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Hi Kasper,
The site is back online again  ;D



I know I am restarting an old topic. But I have used the SNMP location generator for setting the SNMP strings of my switches.
Unfortunately now when I try to access the page it is reporting that the account has been suspended.

Do anyone know if this page exists somewhere else or if it will be back soon?
I can always manage to make the string myself but this was a great and handy tool that made my work so much simpler.

Hi Guys,
Atttaching new definition files for Cisco ASA5500 and ASA5500-X Nextgen Firewall Series.
These include tracking of active/standby and WebVPN users and all the other useful information for the ASA.

Note! SNMP Read from a Cisco ASA Context is limited and will in some instances for boot image, serial and modules leave you with no data unless you read the system/admin context.

These definition files are tested in production use (ASA5585 and ASA5512-X) , with both single/routed and muliple context modes on ASA5500 and ASA5500-X setups.

See images for examples.

Thanks :D
I hope you'll add full rack row, column and placment support, I personally would love that  ;D

SNMP Location Generator updated to version 2.0.1

+ Added the possibility for setting a custom location seperator, like NeDi can.
+ Updated JavaScript libraries to the latest stable/legacy version.


Other / Re: I've made A SNMP Location Generator for use with NeDi
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:03:24 AM »
Hi Guys,
I'll make an update to SNMP LG so users can set their own location seperator like in NeDi.
I will make  a new post when its ready for use ;)

Other / I've made A SNMP Location Generator (2.0.1) for use with NeDi
« on: February 24, 2014, 01:41:44 PM »
I've been using NeDi activly since 2009, and based on this wonderful experience
I have made a simple utility using Google Maps for creating consistent and informational SNMP Location string's
for use with SNMP enabled equipment and monitoring solutions like NeDi.

I hope the NeDi community find the utility useful, and come with suggestions for both new features and improvements ;D

SNMP Location Generator is located at http://snmplg.kvatn.net/


Hi, I want to say thanks for making such awesome network discovery and monitoring software.

Now over to the issues I found related to access point discovery via WLC and switch (CDP).

1. I found that using the -F flag for fqdn will result in Access Points data found on both WLC and via switch (CDP) will result in two devices being discovered and there is no merge of data.
I've tried to AP name with domain, eg. apname.domain.net to get this to work, but this also results in the access points data not to merge correctly.
This is due to when the AP is discovered via CDP it comes up as apname.domain.net.domain.net (domain is added twice), this is "logical" as CDP name disovered is hostname and thus "missing" the fqdn and NeDi adds this from the switch data.
NOTE! AP discovery data will merge and give the correct result if not using -F.

2. To get AP SNMP data to be correct, eg. SNMP location is from AP instead of CDP switch SNMP location, I first have to run switch discovery first and then run WLC discovery.
I'll do some more research into this.

3. Ethernet/LAN interface data (IP, MAC address, etc.) not added during WLC discovery proccess, this would be useful as not all APs are connected to a CDP switch to get Ethernet data from and merge with. Eg. I could monitor AP even if I dont have access to switch in remote locations.
Data is present but there seems to be no code handeling Ethernet correctly in inc/libsnmp.pm in function WLCFwd().

See attached images and logs from NeDi and snmpwalk for details.

-Update added images.

GUI / Re: Devices-Write not working in NeDi 1.0.7?
« on: June 08, 2012, 12:35:17 PM »
Well this is embarrassing! :-[
I found the problem , its sitting between the chair and the keyboard :P  eg. Me!

I pressed 'SEND' button with the config commands, when your pressing 'SEND' your sending commands to:
Code: [Select]
<DEVICE>#<your command, eg. show run>I needed to press 'CONFIGURATION' button to execute configuration commands, eg. now its configuration commands is sent to:
Code: [Select]
<DEVICE>(config)#<your command eg. int vlan 1>
<DEVICE>(config)#<your command eg. shutdown>

So if your going to use 'SEND' button to configure your switch,  you are required to add the the configure terminal commands manually, eg:
Code: [Select]
conf t
<your config command one>
<your config command two>
wr mem

GUI / Re: Devices-Write not working in NeDi 1.0.7?
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:35:52 PM »
Hi, your welcome :)
You and the NeDi community make the best monitoring software to date, and I use NeDi daily to troubleshoot  and monitor our networks.

Well I get this error no matter what command I send over to the Cisco switches using device write.
I've double checked my commands if their correct by entering them into the switch manually first.

Eg. sending this command over using device write.

<DEVICE NAME> <DEVICE IP> X% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. [view output]

Code: [Select]
errdisable recovery interval 600
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Sending the same command manually via SSH cli:
Code: [Select]
<SWITCH NAME>#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
<SWITCH NAME>(config)#errdisable recovery interval 600
<SWITCH NAME>(config)#

GUI / RESOLVED: Devices-Write not working in NeDi 1.0.7?
« on: June 06, 2012, 10:06:53 AM »
Hi, I get a Invalid input detected at ^ no matter what command I send to Cisco switches.
Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Code: [Select]
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


LAN/Switching / Feature request: Stack monitoring/Error detection.
« on: February 07, 2012, 10:53:31 AM »
I would love to be able to detect and get alarms for stack switches that gets removed or dies on Cisco devices.

Code: [Select]
IF StackSub-St3-1 went down

IF StackSub-St3-2 went down

If both stacksub interfaces go down, create alarm.
Could also be combined with next line.

Code: [Select]
Module WS-C3750X-24 SN:XXXXXXXXXXX in slot 3 was changed to a WS-C3750X-24 - Provisioned with SN:<< Provisioned SN: field, is now blank.

Code: [Select]
#sh switch
Switch/Stack Mac Address : xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
                                           H/W   Current
Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Master xxxx.xxxx.xxxx     15     1       Ready
 2       Member xxxx.xxxx.xxxx     1      1       Ready
 3       Member 0000.0000.0000     0      1       Removed

When stacked switch comes back, the following is in Monitoring Events.

Code: [Select]
Module WS-C3750X-24 - Provisioned SN: in slot 3 was changed to a WS-C3750X-24 with SN:XXXXXXXXXXX<< Check Provisioned SN: field, data is filled in.


News / Re: NeDi 1.0.6 Public Beta
« on: January 31, 2011, 11:09:53 AM »
Hi, after some more testing with value's on clipause , 1.0 seems to be the magic number for Cisco nodes with adv. configs and authentication methods.

Life is good! :D

News / Re: NeDi 1.0.6 Public Beta
« on: January 31, 2011, 10:31:16 AM »
Hi, I've seem to tracked down what happens, it sometimes fails at enable at discovery.
So sometimes I think it needs a longer time-out value.
I'll test with new timeout values and come back with result.

I think the timeout is to short when it comes to "advanced" configuration and  authentication configuration on current network node.

There is also a annoying "bug" if the device is discovered and the login fails the first time, it requiers you to manually to reset cli, eg. retry login in web gui to make NEDI login to device again.

Solution, is to change the clipause variable in ./inc/libcli-iopty.pm @line 86:

Code: [Select]
our $clipause = 0.3;to
Code: [Select]
our $clipause = 1.0;
clipause = 1.0 is a tested value, I'll test it some more with lower values so its tweaked to perfection.

Idea: Make Clipause a part of nedi.conf so users don't have to edit /inc/libcli-iopty.pm to make it perfect.

Code: [Select]
SSH :username:22 Tout:5s OS:IOS EN:(.+?)#\s?$
PTY :Forking ssh -l username <IP>
CLI2:Matched Password:, sending password
CLI :Password sent
CLI :Matched NODE-NAME>, enabling
CLI6:Matched Password:, sending password
ERR :pattern match timed-out
DISC:Cli bridge fwd = enable failed

Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at ./inc/libcli-iopty.pm line 363.

Error after resetting Cli:
Code: [Select]
Prepare (CLI)  ----------------------------------------------------------------
PREP:No working user, but connection on port 22 possible
DISC:Cli bridge fwd = no working user

News / Re: NeDi 1.0.6 Public Beta
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:04:14 PM »
Hi, there is something 'buggy' with Telnet/SSH login in prepdev() or its working as intended?
If the NEDI gets a wrong username/password combination the first time the device is added , you will not get Telnet/SSH connection to the device working again even if you have corrected the username/password in nedi.conf it will still say: No working user, but connection on port 22 possible.

To solve this issue you have to look at the device in Nedi and select Retry login (Small Terminal Window Icon).
See Image for details.

Update: The issue does not get solved by resetting cli/retry login, it helps in some cases but mostly not. So there must be an bug introduced in Beta 2. I will look more into it.

@uholzer apparently prep failed (wrong user, but connecting successfully with ssh?) try -v (lots of out) or -d and have a look at input and output.log (best with tail -f)

Code: [Select]
Prepare (CLI)  ----------------------------------------------------------------
PREP:No working user, but connection on port 22 possible
DISC:Cli bridge fwd = no working user

News / Re: NeDi 1.0.6 Public Beta
« on: December 08, 2010, 10:40:05 AM »
Hi, here is the complete patch with changes I've made to ./inc/libcli-iopty.pm to make it work.
This also seems to remove the need for
Code: [Select]
StrictHostKeyChecking no in ~./ssh/conf , so it may be that I've screwed up some if / elseif statement, but I will look into that.

To apply patch download attached file nedi-339-libcli-iopty.txt.
Code: [Select]
patch -i nedi-339-libcli-iopty.txt /pathtonedi/nedi/inc/libcli-iopty.pm

Code: [Select]
--- /monitoring/system/nedi/nedi106/nedi/inc/libcli-iopty.pm    2010-12-05 21:06:41.000000000 +0100
+++ /monitoring/system/nedi/test/inc/libcli-iopty.pm    2010-12-08 10:15:38.000000000 +0100
@@ -254,15 +254,15 @@

        ($pre, $match) = $session->waitfor("/Are you sure|Connection refused|any key|Ctrl-Y|$misc::uselogin|password:|$cmd{$os}{ropr}|$cli::cmd{$os}{enpr}/i");
        $err = $session->errmsg;
-       if($err =~ /pattern match timed-out/){                                                          # No matching uselogin (pattern match timed-out)
+       if($err =~ /pattern match timed-out/i){                                                         # No matching uselogin (pattern match timed-out)
                &misc::Prt("CLI :No matching uselogin\n");
                $session->close if defined $session;
                return (undef, "login impossible");
-       }elsif($match =~ /Connection refused/ or $err =~ /pattern match read eof/){                     # Linux $match=Connection refused), OBSD $err=pattern match read eof
+       }elsif($match =~ '/Connection refused/i' or $err =~ '/pattern match read eof/i'){                       # Linux $match=Connection refused), OBSD $err=pattern match read eof
                &misc::Prt("CLI :Connection failed\n");
                $session->close if defined $session;
                return (undef, "connection failed");
-       }elsif($match =~ /Are you sure/){                                                               # Most likely StrictHostKeyChecking
+       }elsif($match =~ /Are you sure/i){                                                              # Most likely StrictHostKeyChecking
                &misc::Prt("CLI :Turn StrictHostKeyChecking off or add keys manually\n");
                $session->close if defined $session;
                return (undef, "connection failed");
@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@
                        &misc::Prt("CLI8:No enablepas or no ropr, matched $match\n");
-       if ($match =~ /$cmd{$os}{enpr}/){                                                               # Are we enabled?
+       if ($match =~ /$cmd{$os}{enpr}/i){                                                              # Are we enabled?
                &misc::Prt("CLI9:Matched enable prompt, OK\n");
                return ($session, "OK");


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