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Installation / Use location string in seedlist as a Prefix?
« on: April 17, 2018, 03:59:07 PM »

I'm playing around with NeDi an the possiblity to use the snmp location string to create maps and rack views. I assume that the location string in seedlist overrides the snmp location string of the switch. Now Im wondering if I could use the location string in the seedlist as a "prefix location" entry for the IP-Ranges. So for example the seedlist looks like

# DNS/IP      cmty   name   location      contact
;      peblic   -   Switzerland;Zurich;Home Office;   lanadmin

Now the idea is, that on discovery NeDi would merge that location Prefix from seedlist with the configured SNMP-String of a switch, e.g. "floor 5;DC;Rack 17;7", so that the resulting location string for the switch would be

Switzerland;Zurich;Home Office;floor 5;DC;Rack 17;7

This would be an advantage, where the snmp-location strings on the switch are kept simple (e.g. only for location infos in one building). Also for discovery with seedlists, one could use different "location prefix strings" for different areas:

# DNS/IP      cmty   name   location      contact
;      peblic   -   Switzerland;Zurich;Home Office;   lanadmin
;      poblic   -   Germany;Cologne;Mobile Office;   lanadmin

Or is it already possible and I didn't found the right topic in the forum?!

Thx MPell

Discovery / Problem getting correct PoE Infos of Cisco Switches
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:31:36 AM »
Dear NeDi-Community,

first of all "thank you" for this awesome Monitoring Tool. It fits the raltion between nedds, complexity and speed in a impressive way.

I've scanned some Cisco-Switches and most of it looks fine, except the PoE Infos. Although I can see PoE Consumption Values through the Test in the def-files they are not collected while scanning with nedi.pl. I've looked trough the Forum but can't get the right hint, so I hope you can help me though.

I have for example a Cisco Switch Type WS-C2960S-24PS-L and WS-C3560CX-12PC-S. The corresponding interface part in the def-file is the same. Only the POWER-ETHERNET-MIB Option is "PEM->" for the C3560 and "Cisco Stack-MIB" for the S2960S.

# Interfaces
IFaddr   old   
Halfdp   2
Fulldp   3

If I tested the OID through the defgen Page and it looks fine; I can see PoE Consumption Values (chekced through ssh-session on the switch). But a scan with nedi.pl -v -a <IP-Address> shows in the interface section no PoE Values. So there are no PoE Values to show up in the interface column of the device-status page of the C2960S-Switch. The C3560CX Switch doesn't even have a PoE Column for the interfaces in device status page.

I've lso tried both mentioned options (disprot and ifmib) in nedi.conf for tracking of PoE Infos. Now I have nomore idea where too look after. Can you help me in this matter?

thanks in advance

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