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I have a Dell PowerEdge R710 connected to a Dell N3024 switch.  The R710 has an iDRAC6 Express (remote access controller) with its own MAC address that shares the physical NIC with the computer, so there are two MAC addresses on that one NIC.  When I run a discover on the switch, Nedi sees both MAC addresses in the BridgeFwd (SNMP) part, but tosses the one used by the operating system and keeps the one for the iDRAC.

This is the order that is shown during the discover:

- main MAC on edge port 15
- main MAC on uplink port 24
- iDRAC MAC on uplink port 24
- iDRAC MAC on edge port 15

When I do Nodes->Status in the GUI with the iDRAC MAC, it is shown as a node on port 15.  However, the MAC that is used by the operating system just shows "No Node".  The other nodes connected to this switch show up as expected.

Any ideas on how to correct this?

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