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I have roughly a dozen 3750-x/3850-x switch stacks with 3-4 switches in each stack.

Any idea how can I obtain a list of serial numbers for all *individual* switches?

Best regards,

Discovery / Nedi 1.6 device write problems
« on: May 11, 2016, 07:03:09 PM »
I can discover devices just fine - when I attempt to write a config to any device, it quickly returns an empty window for each device.  A packet capture shows no data to or from the device I'm trying to write to.

I'm now trying to use the command line to write a configuration, command results are below.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

tsuther@AngryButler99:/opt/nedi/cli$ sudo -u www-data /opt/nedi/nedi.pl -a -c cmd_admin

Network Discovery (1.6.100) /opt/nedi/nedi.pl -a -c cmd_admin
Started with 1 seed at Wed May 11 13:00:05 2016
Device                          Status                          Todo/Done-Time
===============================================================================     bc-mdf1-servers Sw v25 i131   Jc j13 Dlp0 b0 m10   Ac a2     f773Undefined subroutine &cli::DevDir called at /opt/nedi/inc/libcli.pm line 1154.
tsuther@AngryButler99:/opt/nedi/cli$ cat cmd_admin
show run

tsuther@AngryButler99:/opt/nedi/cli$ ls -lsaht cmd_admin
4.0K -rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 11 May 11 12:25 cmd_admin

I just upgraded my Ubuntu install to 16.10 (xenial), and nedi 1.4 is now completely hosed.

It appears as if the new Ubuntu version strongly prefers php7.0 and mysql5.7.

Apparently Nedi 1.4 uses deprecated "mysql" functions in  libdb-mysql.php for mysql database access.

php7 appears to have completely abondoned mysql, and instead uses mysqli or mysqlnd functions instead.

I've spent many hours trying to figure out how to re-enable the "mysql" php functions with no joy.

Has anyone else run into this yet?   Is anyone aware of a fix?

Here's the complete error message from the Apache2 error.log:

[Mon Apr 18 17:02:12.461144 2016] [:error] [pid 27162] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /opt/nedi/html/inc/libdb-mysql.php:7\nStack trace:\n#0 /opt/nedi/html/index.php(61): DbConnect('localhost', 'nedi', <****>, 'nedi')\n#1 {main}\n  thrown in /opt/nedi/html/inc/libdb-mysql.php on line 7, referer: http://localhost/index.php?goto=Devices-List.php

Discovery / Config backup error: connection error on port 23
« on: January 09, 2014, 09:22:40 PM »
Hello all!

New install of NEDI 1.0.8

Trying to connect to a switch via telnet using the following command: 

  /var/nedi/nedi.pl -l100 -v -B0 -SafsgmijtedbpowAO -a

I get the following:

Prepare (CLI)  ----------------------------------------------------------------
SSH :adminuser;1:22 Tout:2s OS:IOS EN:(.+?)#\s?$
PTY :Forking ssh -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' -l adminuser
TEL :adminuser;1:23 Tout:2s OS:IOS EN:(.+?)#\s?$
DISC:Cli config = connection error on port 23
EVNT:CL=cfge EL=3 TGT=switch1 MSG=Config backup error: connection error on port 23
EFWD:0 Mail and 0 SMS queued

I'm running on kubuntu/debian.
Manual telnet works.
Wireshark capture does *not* show tcp/telnet traffic when command is executed.
SNMP stuff seems to work just fine.
I can make telnet connections using Net::Telnet

I fear I'm missing a perl module,  or library, but no idea how to find out which one.

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