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sometimes at different sites are different CDP groups with the same Vlan IDs (CDP01 (Group):Vlan 400 (Vlan Index):Test (Vlan Name) , CDP01:Vlan 400:Test). Is it possible at NeDi 1.4p6 Nedi-Device->Vlans to bring the CDP Group and Vlan Index/Vlan Name together for better differentiation or is this view at NeDi 1.5 available?



Management / Define SNMP v3 context name at Nedi 1.4p5
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:37:00 AM »

with the snmpcmd's SNMP v3 with the parameter "-n CONTEXT set context name (e.g. VF:x)" it is possible to read out the OIDs for a virtual Brocade Fibre Channel Switch (FCOS 7.4). Is it possible with Nedi 1.4p5 to set this context name too?



Installation / Nedi 1.08, latency warning
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:22:29 PM »

I've setup "latency-warn" at 500ms but NeDi 1.08 is still warning at 100ms:
Latency 200ms exceeds threshold of 100ms

Any ideas


Discovery / VRF at IOS 12.2(33)SXJ and NeDi 1.08 with SNMPv3
« on: July 22, 2013, 11:04:56 AM »

NeDi Discovery and snmpwalk returned following information:

ERR :cIpAddressTable The requested table is empty or does not exist
ERR :VRF The requested table is empty or does not exist

$snmpwalk -v 3  -u <usr> -l authPriv -a md5  -A <pw> -x des -X  <pw>  <Device>
iso. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

Any ideas what is to configure at the cisco switch?




with NeDi 1.08-027 I see following event at warning level:

 Source <CoreSwitch02>:  Info: on Vl100 is configured on <CoreSwitch01>, <CoreSwitch02>

with NeDi 1.07 I see following event at warning level:

  Source <CoreSwitch02>: Info: Duplicate IP  found on <CoreSwitch01>, <CoreSwitch02>

Following configuration at both Cat6500 IOS 12.2 SXJ core switches:

  interface Vlan100
   description lan,staff, ...
   ip address
   no ip redirects
   glbp 100 ip
   glbp 100 priority 110
   glbp 100 authentication text xxx
   glbp 100 name staff

There are no warning events for Cat6500 IOS 12.2 SXH core switches with HSRP configuration.

At HP Blade Enclosures with Onboard Administrator Moduls I see following warning event:

  Source <VCD-Interconnect> : Info: on tap0 is configured on <VCD-Interconnect>, <Onboard Administrator Modul>

Any ideas or hints what can be happen here and how to fix or filter it?



LAN/Switching / NeDi Event: Node <MAC> reappeared
« on: November 02, 2012, 04:59:09 PM »

a NeDi event

      Node 0022xxxxxxxx  reappeared as a.b.c.de/ on Po7

comes every hour.

The node with Windows 2008 R2, 2 x 1Gb/s ethernet interfaces and HP teaming software (configured for loadbalanced sending) is connect to a Cisco 3750x switch with IOS 12.2, loadbalanced sending (config port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip) and a port channel for both ethernet ports. At the IOS logging are no entries.

Any ideas ?


PS: NeDi 1.07 at Debian/Linux

GUI / Nedi Device Graph, Port Channel with two GE Interfaces
« on: March 18, 2012, 11:28:21 AM »

one port channel use two gigabit ethernet interfaces. At Nedi Device Graph I select the port channel and the two gigabit ethernet interfaces. 
At rrd-graph the Po7 is not the summary of Gi1/0/1 and Gi2/0/1 traffic. Any ideas or hints.



with NeDi V1.08 with some patches I have with cisco device type WS-C2960G-48TC-L problems to display the interface description. At NeDi Device Definition Generator I walk over the interface descriptions with OID or without OID and I can read the Alias. But when I start nedi.pl -v -t/a <deviceIP> the table column for Alias is empty. At Device Status page the Info column there are no Alias/Interface Description but CDP: <CDPdevice>.  Any hints what is going wrong here?


PS: Manual-Discovery (1.0.7) with 1 seed ... it is the previous version number of NeDi

$ sudo -u www-data /var/nedi/nedi.pl -v -t <deviceIP>
PTY :Loaded
LWP :Loaded
OUI :19777 NIC vendor entries read
RDEV:429 devices read from nedi.devices
RADDR:16174 MAC & 752 IP addresses read.
RLNK:2 links (WHERE linktype = "STAT") read from nedi.links
RUSR:4 entries (groups & 8 AND (phone != "" OR email != "")) read from nedi.users
SEED:<deviceIP> added for discovery
MAIN:1 thread, 1st from Thu Mar 15 13:15:01 2012 seems ok adding this one
UPDT:system SET value=value+1 WHERE name="threads"

Manual-Discovery (1.0.7) with 1 seed at Thu Mar 15 13:53:49 2012
Device            Status            Todo/Done-Time

Discover     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Identify     ------------------------------------------------------------------
SNMP:Connect <deviceIP> <public> v2 Tout:25s MaxMS:1472
IDNT:Name = <switch>
SYS :Con= Loc=<location>
DISC:no skipif policy using -S ()

Enterprise   ------------------------------------------------------------------
SNMP:Connect <deviceIP> <public> v2 Tout:25s MaxMS:1472
SERN:Serial number = <deviceSN>
BOOT:Image = c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin
VTP :Domain = <vtpdomain>
VTP :Mode = 1
CPU :Utilization = 9%
MEM :Available memory 3706668 Bytes

Interfaces   ------------------------------------------------------------------
RIF :50 IF read (WHERE device = "<devicename>") from nedi.interfaces
SNMP:Connect <deviceIP> <public> v2 Tout:30s MaxMS:2048
IF  :Walking 64bit counters
IF  :Walking errors
IF  :Walking in-broadcasts
IF  :Walking in-discards
IF  :Walking out-discards
IF  :Walking info
IF  :Index Name         Spd Dup St Pvid Description      Alias            PoE
IF  :10147 Gi0/47     1000M  FD  3    0 GigabitEthernet0                   0W
IF  :10501 Nu0       10000M  -   3    0 Null0                              0W
IF  :10123 Gi0/23       10M  ?   1    1 GigabitEthernet0                   0W
IF  :10108 Gi0/8        10M  ?   1    1 GigabitEthernet0                   0W
IF  :10126 Gi0/26       10M  ?   1    1 GigabitEthernet0                   0W

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