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        I have more than 200 Cisco Lwap AP and i don't want them to be shown in the device list.

My wireless lan is where from to i have all my WLAN Controller and WCS.

I have excluded in Netfilter all the AP  IPs

netfilter ^10\.110\.19\.([1-9]|1[0-9]|20)$

But now all the APs are discovered with IP (not with the 1.0.7 version)

I've tried to border them as i did for all my Cisco telehone (working for these device), since all the LWAP ID are AP* i have included in the border.

border   ^SEP*|^AP*

But the device are yet discovered.

Many thank's

GUI / Nedi Gui not working with Php 5.3.3
« on: October 13, 2010, 12:14:48 PM »

After a PHP upgrade to version the Nedi gui doesn't work anymore.

i see this message calling the index.php

\n"; }elseif($raderr){ $disc = "

"; } else { $disc = "
Incorrect login!

"; } } ?>

The homepage is partialy shown and login doesn't work.

I checked also the httpd error log, it looks that the variables setted in index.php are no more recognized.

Error log example

 File does not exist: /var/www/html/img/nedie<, referer: http://myip/index.php?goto=%3C?=rawurlencode($goto)?%3E

Doesn anyone know what to do?

Thank you.

Discovery / ASA 5520 & ASA 5510 Backup
« on: April 06, 2010, 03:01:04 PM »
Hello i have nedi 1.05 installed and working with more than 200 devices (all cisco Switch and routers)

I can't backup my ASA,  2 5520 and 2 5510

Adding manualy the decices i have reb bulb on the CLI for all of them.

I'm accesing the ASA with SSH, from the Nedi machine i'm able to connect to all the firewall and do snmpwalk

i tried debug enabling input & output in libcli-netssh.pl but i get nothing.

executing the command  nedi.pl -vdba <Device IP>  i have this message:

Manual-Discovery (1.0.5) with 1 seed on Tue Apr  6 14:51:07 2010
Device                          Status                           Todo/Done-Time
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------    C:public-v2+ AsaVPN    SV=4 TY=ASA5510 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Version 8.2(1)BI=8.2(1) CPU=1 Mem=136946088 Temp=0
 IF:2   Port    T:1     D:-     VL:0    0       000000000000    Adaptive Security Appliance '0' interface
 IF:1   Null0   T:1     D:-     VL:0    0       000000000000    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Null0' interface
 IF:7   failover        T:6     D:-     VL:0    100000000       001a2f94433c    Adaptive Security Appliance 'failover' interface
 IF:6   Ethernet0/3     T:6     D:-     VL:0    100000000       001a2f94433b    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Ethernet0/3' interface
 IF:4   Pubblica        T:6     D:-     VL:0    100000000       001a2f944339    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Pubblica' interface
 IF:8   Virtual254      T:1     D:-     VL:0    0       000000000000    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Virtual254' interface
 IF:5   Outside T:6     D:-     VL:0    100000000       001a2f94433a    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Outside' interface
 IF:3   Inside  T:6     D:-     VL:0    100000000       001a2f944338    Adaptive Security Appliance 'Inside' interface
 IP:Pubblica    Pub IP/
 New IP: (Priority 5)        AaRequested table is empty or does not exist
          IF:   8 interfaces written to nedi.interfaces
MOD:    0 modules written to nedi.modules
VLAN:   0 vlans written to nedi.vlans
NET:    4 networks written to nedi.networks
LINK:   0 (ignoring 0 static) links written to nedi.links

Does anyone know what to do to solve the problem?


Discovery / Telnet problem (red bulb)
« on: May 25, 2009, 11:42:51 AM »

first of all thank's for this product.

I'm trying to implement it to control the network of 2 customer 1 with 300 Switch and the other one around 150

But on both installation i'm experiencing problem with the telnet connection to the appliance (all cisco).

On both customer i had to change the login method on all the switch, cause the access was based on single telnet password and enable secret, and with this configuration on all switch i had on the CLI field red bulb.

Now all the switch are based on username/pwd access and enable secret password.

the situation now is better but on one customer which as all different user and password on every switch i'm still struggling a lot, for example also with just the first 2 devices (2 cisco 3750) when i add the fisrt 1 it works but when i add the second one i have red bulb,  if i delete the devices and invert them in the adding order the first one is ok and i have the other  one with red bulb

my nedi configuration is quite simple with just 2 line under the usr definition (with the 2 usr of the 3750) and the 2 devices under seedlist file

On both installation i'm using the last Centos release fully updated, with all prerequisite installed

i've tried to debug with libcli-sshnet enabling input.log and output.log, and i get as results

Username: username
% Login invalid

but i'm sure that the user and password are correct, the only thinks i have the same user with different pwd on all switch

Thank’s for your help

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