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Discovery / Re: libcli.pm for Comware 7
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:42:06 PM »
OK - I finally found some time at work to modify libcli.pm and test each change.

It seems Comware3  enable prompt  works but  due to  lack of screen-length disable  and incorrect "more" definition it fails to complete the backup.
I totally forgot about it since testing with Comware3 was the first thing I tried few months ago...

So at the moment I am using following Comware3 definition and it works perfectly:

# HP
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'ropr'} = 'GitsDoNid';
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'enpr'} = '[\w+()<\[.-]+[>\]]\s?(\n%.+)?$';                                             # Sends a % line after login prompt!
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'enab'} = 'super';
#$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'more'} = '  ---- More ----';                              # Experimental, to get old 3Com switches backed up
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'more'} = '---- More ----';                                   #  added by pakalino                                               
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'page'} = 'screen-length disable';                        #  added by pakalino
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'shcf'} = 'display current';
$cmd{'Comwar3'}{'cfst'} = '#';

Discovery / Re: libcli.pm for Comware 7
« on: April 11, 2018, 02:27:42 PM »
Thanks for helpful info and sorry for my late reply buy I was on holiday.
I checked input and output log.
It seems nedi is able to login to the switch correctly but after showing switch login banner and correct enable prompt nothing happens.
I tried to set cfto to 15 (though it was not needed in the past) but nothing changed.
As I checked my comware 5 and comware 7 devices - in both cases I have OS:  HP Comware set in Definition files. But comware 7 devices behave differently now. 

Looking at backup operation:

CLI2:Matched 'password: ' sending password
CLI3:Password sent
ERR3:pattern match timed-out

Looking at input log - nedi logs in but is not moving from initial prompt to configuration prompt (system-view) command

Unfortunately I cannot enable any remote access.

Discovery / libcli.pm for Comware 7
« on: March 25, 2018, 05:22:46 PM »

Any chance for getting some short libcli.pm definition needed for backing up Comware 7 devices?
I spotted that after upgrading FW of several 5920 and 5930 devices NEDI is not able to backup configuration of such devices.
I do not have problems with Comware 5 (like HPE 5820) as libcli.pm definitions of Comware and Comware3 OS work fine.


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