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Title: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: nerdi on May 26, 2010, 10:01:51 PM
Discovery does not finish. Devices are discovered and database updated, but does no go to EOJ.  s080-manl100    SnIl i28 j1        a14             0/1134-23s
Took 975 minutes

Devs:   1134 devices discovered

Any ideas?
Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: rickli on May 29, 2010, 11:50:14 PM
Lot of devices you have. Sniffing could reveal, what NeDi's doing. DNS queries my guess would be....tricky the dark side is ;)
Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: ke4clu on July 05, 2010, 01:14:48 AM
I too have this problem.  I think however the problem is with Perl and not  I used Wireshark to scan and see no traffic from the Nedi box.  Her are a few lines fro the nedi.lastrun file:   SWH-C3560-48   v11 i55   Jvj1 p0/1 m1    a3    f107      13/522-5s   SWH-C2950-24   v11 i27   j1   p0/1 m0    f123      12/523-5s   Netfilter 10.|172.20.        11/523-0s   TRE-C3560-48   v11 i55   Jvj1 p2/1 m2    a2    f99      12/524-5s   TRE-C3560-48   v11 i55   Jvj1 p0/1 m1    a2    f76      11/525-6s   CHES-C2950-I   v12 i27   j1   p1/1 m0    f119      11/526-4s   CBA-C2950-ID   v11 i27   j1   p1/1 m0    f52      11/527-5s   CBA-C3560-ID   v11 i29   Jvj1 p0/1 m1    a3    f48      10/528-4s   EWES-C2950-2   v11 i27   j1   p0/1 m0    f93       9/529-4s   EWES-Voice-R   v5 i211   Jvj1 p0/1 m4    a68    f0       8/530-16s   HS-C3560-48-   v12 i55   Jvj1 p2/1    a3    f118       9/531-5s   GHS-C3560-48   Stv12 i55   Jvj1 p0/1 m1    a3    f79       8/532-6s   WSE-C3550-24   v12Ix i29 Jvj1 p3/1 m1    a2    f123      10/533-4s   NOR-Voice-RT   v5 i311   Jvj1 p0/1 m3    a50    f0       9/534-24s   TRE-C2950-ID   v11 i29   j1   p0/1 m0    f77       8/535-5s   TRE-C3560-48   v11 i55   Jvj1 p0/1 m1    a2    f77       7/536-5s   CHES-C2950-I   v12 i27   j1   p1/1 m0    f118       7/537-5s   CBA-C2950-ID   v11 i27   j1   p0/1 m0    f53       6/538-5s   Netfilter 10.|172.20.         5/538-0s   GHS-C2950-24   v12 i27   j1   p0/1 m0    f122       4/539-4s   Netfilter 10.|172.20.         3/539-0s   Netfilter 10.|172.20.         2/539-0s   Netfilter 10.|172.20.         1/539-0s   CHES-C2950-I   v12 i27   j1   p0/1 m0    f116       0/540-5s
Took 67 minutes

Devs:   540 devices discovered

This is a Window 2003 server and task manager shows Perl holding at about with 3,400k memory usage and it just sites there.  If I end the Perl process, Nedi stops. If I CRTL+C the Nedi instance Perl process stops. What gives?

There are 2311 devices on my networks.  It has been setting there for about 7 hours now.
Any assistance would surely be appreciated.


Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: tristanbob on July 06, 2010, 05:29:56 PM
Wow, I think you just might have the largest networks ever used with Nedi!  I thought we were big with 800 devices.  This means that both of you are a great guinea pigs for testing and finding bugs!  Please continue to post your issues and resolutions to this forum.  What version of Nedi are you guys running?  Nedi 1.0.5?

The sad thing is that Nedi is helping us manage tens of millions of dollars of network equipment, but Nedi is being developed for free in the spare time of one brilliant person!  Imagine the possibilities if Remo could work full-time on Nedi....  but then how would he pay his rent? 

Remo, are you available for hire if someone wanted direct support from you?

Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: ke4clu on July 06, 2010, 11:16:53 PM
I found the issue with my setup.  In nedi/system/services I have like twelve treads running so they would never finish.  I reset the threads and on the next discovery everything went great  :D
Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: tristanbob on July 09, 2010, 12:40:59 AM

Do you mean you killed all of the running process and then ran it again manually?

How long did it take for 2311 devices?

Does it work with you run it from cron?


Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: ke4clu on July 12, 2010, 02:13:50 AM
It takes about 67 minutes to complete now.  On the 1st run ever, about a year ago it took around 6 hours. I use windows task scheduler to call a .BAT file every 3 hours.   Those 2311 devices include some 1600 Cisco phones.  And bout 540 switches that range from 6509s - 2950s.  While school is in session there are around 7000 nodes (PCs) that are recorded also.     
Title: Re: Discover doesn't finish
Post by: rickli on July 13, 2010, 07:28:15 PM
Thanks Tristanbob  8) I'm actually more open to your suggestion than ever before. Ideas keep piling up in my head (and obviousely within the community). But my current job makes it nearly impossible to work on NeDi right now.

Things will change I promise, but you're absolutely right, the job pays the bills and I got a couple of Movies for NeDi in the past 6 Months or so  :-[