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Title: DOM values
Post by: swepart on September 14, 2019, 11:57:29 PM
Every type of fiber interface have there dampening values..   Can we handle different type of SFPs with correct values

Vendor   Model   Type   Fibertype   Wave   Distance   Min Tx   Max Tx   Känslighet   Min budg   Max budg   Max Rx
Canary   CFT-2061   SC   MM   1310nm   2km   -20dBm   -14dBm   -31dBm   11dBm   17dBm   -8dBm
Canary   CCM-1241   SC   MM   1310nm   2km   -20dBm   -14dBm   -31dBm   11dBm   17dBm   -8dBm
Canary   CFT-2062   ST   MM   1310nm   2km   -20dBm   -14dBm   -31dBm   11dBm   17dBm   -8dBm
Canary   CCM-1242   ST   MM   1310nm   2km   -20dBm   -14dBm   -31dBm   11dBm   17dBm   -8dBm
Canary   CFT-2061-SM   SC   SM   1310nm   30km   -15dBm   -8dBm   -34dBm   19dBm   26dBm   -7dBm
Canary   CFT-2062-SM   ST   SM   1310nm   30km   -15dBm   -8dBm   -34dBm   19dBm   26dBm   -7dBm
Canary   CFT-2081-SM   SC   SM   1310nm   18km   -16dBm   -9dBm   -34dBm   18dBm   25dBm   -7dBm
Cisco   WS-G5484   SC   MM   850nm   550m   -9,5dBm   -3dBm   -17dBm   7,5dBm   14dBm   0dBm
Cisco   WS-G5486   SC   SM   1310nm   10km   -9,5dBm   -3dBm   -19dBm   9,5dBm   16dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   WS-G5487   SC   SM   1550nm   70-100km   0dBm   5dBm   -23dBm   23dBm   28dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   CWDM-1550   SC   SM   1550nm      1dBm   5dBm            
Cisco   GLC-SX-MM   LC   MM   850nm   550m   -9,5dBm   -3dBm   -17dBm   7,5dBm   14dBm   0dBm
Cisco   GLC-LH-SM   LC   SM   1310nm   10km   -9,5dBm   -3dBm   -19dBm   9,5dBm   16dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   GLC-LX-SM   LC   SM   1310nm   10km   -11dBm   -3dBm   -19dBm   8dBm   16dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   GLC-EX-SM   LC   SM   1310nm   40km   -1 dBm   3dBm   -22dBm   21dBm   25dBm   +1dBm
Cisco   GLC-ZX-SM   LC   SM   1550nm   70-100km   0dBm   5dBm   -23dBm   23dBm   28dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   SFP-GE-L   LC   SM   1300nm   10km   -9,5dBm   -3dBm   -20dBm   11,5dBm   16dBm   -3dBm
Cisco   X2-10GB-LR   SC   SM   1310nm   10km   -8,2dBm   -0,5dBm   -14,4dBm   6,2dBm   13,9dBm   -0,5dBm
Cisco   X2-10GB-ER   SC   SM   1550nm   40km   -4,7dBm   4,0dBm   -15,8dBm   11,1dBm   19,8dBm   -1dBm
Cisco   X2-10GB-SR   SC   MM   850nm   26-400m   -7.3dBm   -1,2dBm   -9,9dBm   2,6dBm   8,7dBm   -1dBm
Cisco   SFP-10G-LR   LC   SM   1310nm   10km   -8,2dBm   -0,5dBm   -14,4dBm   6,2dBm   13,9dBm   -0,5dBm
Cisco   SFP-10G-ER   LC   SM   1550nm   40km   -4,7dBm   4,0dBm   -15,8dBm   11,1dBm   19,8dBm   -1dBm
Cisco   SFP-10G-ZR   LC   SM   1550nm   80km   0dBm   4dBm   -24dBm   20dBm   24dBm   -7dBm
Cisco   CWDM-SFP10G-xxxx= (SFP+)   LC   SM   1470-1610nm      0dBm   5dBm   -16dBm   16dBm   21dBm   -1dBm
Cisco   2955-100BASE-LX   SC   SN   1310nm   15km   -15 dBm   -8dBm   -31dBm   16dBm   23dBm   
Milan   MIL-C2413   SC   MM   1310nm   2km   -15dBm      -31dBm   16dBm      
Milan   MIL-C2413-15   SC   SM   1310nm   15km   -8dBm      -31dBm   23dBm      
MRV   EM316F/S1   SC   SM   1310nm   35km            17dBm      
Transmode   7500   SC   MM   850nm      -10dBm   -4dBm   -17dBm   7dBm   13dBm   -3dBm
Transmode   7500   SC   SM   1310nm      -11dBm   -3dBm   -20dBm   8dBm   17dBm   
Transmode   7500   SC   SM   1470-1610nm   80km                  
Transmode   7600   SC   SM   1310nm      -11dBm   -3dBm   -17dBm   6dBm   14dBm   -3dBm
Transmode   7600   SC   SM   1470-1610nm      -2dBm   3dBm   -18dBm   16dBm   21dBm   -3dBm
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: rickli on October 11, 2019, 10:06:26 AM
Yes, by adding the different types (as reported by switch) and thresholds to nedi.conf:

dom-alert   CCM-1241   3   -10   3   -12   default-settings
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: swepart on October 16, 2019, 09:50:23 AM
:)  Should have looked in the conf file
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: Saguu on October 17, 2019, 03:49:50 PM

Quick question : I would like to add the different type of SFP I have in my network.
Here is the information in my nedi.conf :

# Digital Optical Monitoring using type of transceiver to set transceiver based alert thresholds.
# Values within 3dBm generate warnings. The signal levels are stored in the transceiver's module
# entry (RX=FW,TX=SW) and set its status accordingly.
#      type      TX-hi   TX-lo   RX-hi   RX-lo   description (replaces module description)
;dom-alert   default      3   -10   3   -12   default-settings
dom-alert   GLC-SX-MMD    -3   -9.5   0   -17
dom-alert    GLC-LH-SMD   -3   -9.5   -3   -19
dom-alert   SFP-10G-LR   -0.5   -8.2   -0.5   -14.4
;dom-alert    1000BaseSX   -3    -9.5    0    -17

I do not understand why I have a warning ?

(" alt="2019-10-17-15-43-56-Window)

Thank you
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: Saguu on November 04, 2019, 10:18:40 PM
Any idea ?
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: Saguu on November 20, 2019, 08:54:40 PM
Bump ! :D
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: rickli on December 03, 2019, 10:07:37 AM
Sorry, for the delay :)

If a value is within 3dbm (RX) or 1dbm (TX) of the threshold, a warning state is issued. You can adapt nedi.conf, if you want to get rid of them (or modify $wt in the CheckOptic() function in
Title: Re: DOM values
Post by: Saguu on December 17, 2019, 09:22:17 PM
Works fine !

Many thanks :)