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Title: Fortigate backup
Post by: anubise on November 22, 2017, 02:18:44 PM
At moment fortigate backup use ssh and 'show full-config'

Maybe is possible to use SCP?
Linux client example:
To download the configuration file to a local directory called ~/config, enter the following command:
scp admin@ ~/config
Enter the admin password when prompted.

or maybe someone help me how i need change config files. (perl is not my favourite :) )
Title: Re: Fortigate backup
Post by: Hannu Liljemark on November 27, 2017, 10:15:25 AM
Is there a specific reason you'd want to use scp backup with NeDi for Fortigate? You can use the export button in the NeDi GUI if you want to export the configs to a file and use that file with a new Fortigate device e.g. when replacing a faulty one.

I guess the reason NeDi does "show full-config", and similar commands, is to be able to easily get diff from earlier configs and other benefits. That would require extra steps with external scp backups.

NeDi's backup mechanism has been pretty good in our experience, although we have two sites where NeDi is not used for Cisco backups and instead we do "snmpset -t 5 -c <comm> -v1 <device-ip-addr> .<tftp-serverip-addr> s <filename>" from cron with a separate script. It doesn't integrate into NeDi, which isn't an ideal situation, but it gets the job done.